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Posted by |Pentacle| @ 08/09/2005 11:25 AM GMT-5
Kratyr “Hello and sit down” Said a strange woman ushering Triah, Drisccilla, and Emielle to sit. “I am Tamiako, advisor of the fifth legion. I am here to explain what has been happening to you lately, and answer any questions you might have. Now, before you start asking the many...

Posted by The Sisterhood @ 08/05/2005 11:17 PM GMT-5
The Sisterhoods Blog
Someone from the sisterhood said that we should have a blog, just us too keep up with important events in each others lives. So here it is. Its a very simple blog designed so that if something has happened its the first thing you see. An idea I had was that everyone should sign up for the entry...

Posted by MiChElLE @ 07/28/2005 11:01 PM GMT-5
So Maine with Cait was fun, it was good to get away & it wasnt too long.. we came back Sunday & i worked.. which i was happy about bc its time and a 1/2 :-P.. Monday i worked & i went out with Danny afterwards then my mom was mad bc i didnt have a ride home from his hosue so she didnt come to get...

Posted by Holla Back @ 07/28/2005 04:50 PM GMT-5
Burn One Down
I went with Fred and his friends and Randy to see Ben Harper on Tuesday. He was absolutely amazing! Phenomenal! Seeing him cemented my love for him even more. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are so talented and Ben's voice is so powerful and emotional. I love him. After the show...

Posted by warallthetime @ 07/16/2005 02:35 PM GMT-5
Yeah, so I havent updated this in quite awhile. Ive been updating my Livejournal alot, even though Blogdrive is kinda better than Livejournal. More freedom. I dont really have anything to say so I guess I'll be leaving. This was kind of a pointless entry. Livejournal:...

Posted by Yushi Sushi* @ 06/21/2005 07:20 PM GMT-5
Bye bye
No more stories .... -The End-

Posted by Alterative Life @ 06/02/2005 09:19 PM GMT-5
good god sir was that fair?
bitched at my mom during al the time to the orthoman app. that i had, and then during the way home. wanted to sort of smack her really hard. i'm at the point where i hate her voice. i watched two or three hours of america's next top model to completely loose myself. in the process i used a face...

Posted by Cameron @ 04/29/2005 09:27 AM GMT-5
I thought I'd post some of my poetry from the last few months. I'm in a really shitty mood right now, and can't even put it into words on here. But since i'm in need of anything remotly emotionally stable i'm gonna put down some of my cheesy poetry. Let me know what you think. all of these are 100%...

Posted by crazysyko @ 03/27/2005 08:40 PM GMT-5
I love SIRIUS!!!
<b><a href=http://www.greatestjourna><f ont size=+1>You love SIRIUS BLACK!</font></a>& lt;/b><br><center& gt;<img src="http://pictures.greatestj 79" width="231" height="295"></center&g t; It's...

Posted by Cinema Paradiso @ 03/04/2005 03:20 PM GMT-5
Pillow-Hating Polish Cheesecake, Anyone?
     A dear friend of mine called me up in the middle of a (boring) lecture, and ::sigh:: hearing his voice again made me smile for the first time in days. I miss my Danny Boy and my Simon! As much as Cheesecake drives me crazy sometimes (ie: he won't give me extra pillows and...


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