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Posted by abadcreditloan @ 11/17/2011 02:19 AM GMT-8
Secured Cash Loan Available With Bad Credit
If you hold the title to a motor vehicle or own real estate and need cash, you'll likely qualify for bad credit loans, even if you have a bad credit record. Many lenders will know that your automobile and your house are vital to you and you will do anything not to default on the loan and lose your...

Posted by Regulators BP @ 08/26/2011 08:20 AM GMT-5
Lineage: End of Days
The Lineage 1 servers have been shut down permanently as of 6/29/11 2:00PM EST. Its sad to see it go, but all good things do seem to come to an unfortunate end. My personal favorite moment that of the final event came on the second to last day. The final siege of Lineage. Our goal as TheRegulators...

Posted by tsquare1 @ 01/18/2010 03:31 AM GMT-8
Cool Water Down
Cool Water Down The weather outside is frightfulThe fires are outta controlThe horses are braying And the daisies consoleThe barn is a cracklin'Praying for rainThe fields are a swayin'Everythings okayRain will come With cool water downAll will live on Both free and boundLook to the skyAnd be...

Posted by tsquare5 @ 01/13/2010 06:56 AM GMT-5
Two Edged Sword
A two edged sword must cut and there are no exceptions. Though I know what the Lord showed me. Perhaps this site and the facebook site was an example of me trying to make it happen. That would be in error. The astounding lack of support, attendance and absolute dessimation of my confidence in what...

Posted by tsquare7 @ 12/29/2009 08:22 AM GMT-5
Hidden Folly
Hidden Folly Tortous shell awaits in shelterblasting occurs insidewhen all is said and done there was really no place to hide.    

Posted by tsquare4 @ 10/24/2008 08:17 PM GMT-5
How It Began - Letter to the Saints
Dear Saints, The reason for my contacting you is the state of the city of Springfield and our role as Christians to intercede.  I am calling on you to pray.  God spoke to my heart as I sat on the steps of City Hall waiting to meet up with a friend of mine.  I sat there and all of a...

Posted by Mare Moo @ 06/19/2009 03:15 AM GMT-5
What I've Missed
Only here, home, could I enjoy a night such as this.Anyone and anywhere can the thunder be enjoyed; chaotic storms arousing feelings of pleasure within a body.But...slowing down, the peace, the quiet, no radio, just rolling; all I feel is contentment.Thank you, I've forgotten this thing I have...

Posted by CentaurFirenze @ 06/04/2009 01:10 AM GMT-5
Dead fish, flying fish
  Today I woke up late and watched NCIS with my breakfast. Then I finished reading Electricity (two stars. Highly disappointing. I guessed nearly everything!), and watched NCIS with my lunch. Then I went for a walk... I tried doing my walk backwards, to see if it would be any different. I...

Posted by andyheals @ 05/21/2008 04:58 AM GMT-5
Reading the Signs
**Y'all, I'm starting a new blog.  It will be some of the same old and some more brief, random thoughts.  Check it out and sign up at   Thanks! **   In a number of things I write, I will refer to ‘reading the signs.’  I guess this can...

Posted by djlionel's world @ 01/02/2008 10:19 PM GMT-5
Some new discoveries
To people who still read this...Check out B&W's speakers. Amazing! The top-of-the-line 800D costs $16,000 a pair.Also, Sam Maloof, woodworker and furniture maker. His rocking chairs are $25,000 each. One of the greatest furniture makers of all time.So, do you want a rocking chair, or a pair of...


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