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Posted by Melos Clean Team @ 02/17/2017 08:20 PM GMT-5
Melos Clean Team
Melos Clean team is a family owned and operated Commercial cleaning cleaning company.For more information please visit our website at

Posted by digitalposeidon01 @ 02/12/2017 12:07 PM GMT-5
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Posted by Heaven @ 01/22/2017 09:32 PM GMT-5
For Macon
For you, Macon I feel for him Yet he’s a stranger to me It was his eyes and sensitivity that caught me I feel I am falling for you We have met only a few times If we ever meet I would love to get a hug and for him to hold my hand I don’t want to move too fast You are...

Posted by Musicme @ 12/28/2016 08:32 AM GMT-8
The Lies We Tell
When I was a child and growing up, I learned that lying was unacceptable, although some lies, I soon discovered, were tolerated. I don’t remember the specific incident, but here’s a scenario I have used for years to demonstrate how I learned about lies and lying: Every now and then, my...

Posted by Sweepers Cafe @ 10/27/2014 03:52 PM GMT-5
Video Contest Tips
The more time and effort you put into your Video Contest, the more people will want to enter. Currently with everyone having mobile phones and iPads it is now easier than ever for participants to create instant video videos with great quality. Video Contest Continued

Posted by Ruth Macy @ 05/07/2014 09:56 AM GMT-6
Ruth Macy

Posted by Modern Bedroom @ 05/30/2013 12:34 PM GMT-8
Modern Decorating Tips for Boy's Bedroom
There are so many ways to decorate or decorate your boy's room. Your boy’s age should be considered too before deciding a theme and design for him. Younger boys will not object too much on your preferences as long as it can catch their attention. You can still shop with your older boy by...

Posted by Ebenezer Moments @ 06/20/2012 10:33 AM GMT-5
I've been thinking some about faith lately. What is it? How does it manifest itself? When is faith actual faith as opposed to convenient belief that let's me ignore reality? I've been a pastor now in some capacity for almost five years and I've seen a lot of un-faith in my time already. I use...

Posted by Beading @ 05/12/2012 07:55 PM GMT-5
What inspires you?
Magazines, books, pictures or everday life, just to name a few.  What inspries you to bead, to create that piece that makes everyone envious? For me, it's all of those and more.  I may start working one design and then a thought creeps into my mind and everything changes.  That...

Posted by Duvet Covers Ikea @ 05/12/2012 05:01 AM GMT-8
Duvet Covers IKEA : Dress up an Attractive and Comfortable Bed
Everyone wants to buy his favorite bedding set for their dream bedroom but it is not a difficult task and when the time comes to bring a designer bedding set many homeowners try different ideas. One always wishes to have a designer bedding which includes a comforter or duvet cover,...


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