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Posted by LeSaMaLiE @ 04/25/2004 05:33 PM GMT-5
Tryin to stay & relay=sleepy
Basics : [ .001. ] first name: Leslie [ .002. ] middle name: Lauren [ .003. ] last name: Rucker [ .004. ] nickname(s): Lobster, Lesamalie [ .006. ] age: 19 [ .007. ] birthday: February 23 [ .008. ] height: 5'5" [ .009. ] hair color: light brown [ .010. ] eye color: blue gray [ .011....

Posted by loss..of..hope @ 04/18/2004 05:39 PM GMT11
so it's 1.34am and i am not asleep..i am DEAD tired just not sleeping because i am talking to Justin... i just wanna sleep but i gotta make sure he goes to sleep first...worried about my friends ya'll know how it is...i saw the punisher tonight with robin n was good. i cried...haha i...

Posted by ERIKA @ 04/14/2004 07:19 PM GMT-5
meredith is making me write although there is nothing exciting to write about...well umm haleigh came on sunday and yeah she said she'd call me so she could come play with me but, it is wednesday night and she still has not called me which makes me EXTREMELY mad because i just find it unbelievably...

Posted by JenniePennie @ 04/12/2004 05:01 PM GMT-5
........ ?user=jenniepennie2530 lol changin to xanga...because its super cool

Posted by s0_real @ 04/08/2004 12:21 AM GMT-8
TV apperance
Young Rome will be on 106 and park today! Hopefully he will premeire "Afterparty" make sure to check your local listings and tune in!  Also Rome's debut solo album is set to be released on June 22nd its entitled Food For Thought.

Posted by caitsbLog @ 04/07/2004 11:10 PM GMT-5
stolen from whitney wright bitches!! 1. First Name? caitlan 2. Were you named after anyone? not that I know of.. 3. Do you wish on stars?  I used to.. 4. Which finger is your favorite? I don't have a favorite finger, thats odd.. 5. When did you last cry? today when me and my sister...

Posted by brandnew200 @ 04/01/2004 10:19 PM GMT-5
bye bye
soooooooo this is my last entry cuz my lifes crazy and i have no time for this shit so i gotta say peace!

Posted by Cypress @ 03/25/2004 07:04 PM GMT-5
New Pictures
You guys should really go to or because i have put in like 300 new pictures from Deep Creek Lake, and Miami Beach, Florida.. HAVE FUN!!!

Posted by convoitisedesang @ 03/10/2004 10:30 PM GMT-5
some quizzes for you.
<img src=" m/P/pacosmotorbike/1056345190_ esClarissa.gif" border="0" alt="HASH(0x8b8af68)">< br>You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL.  She is a rad<br>chick with absolutely no fashion sense.  If you<br>are a guy and chose this... you are...

Posted by Wasting My Time @ 03/06/2004 09:01 PM GMT-5
I Was Too Late
Well my life hasn't gotten better since the last entry and i am not whining just saying. The one person i really liked was asked out by somone so now she has a boyfriend. Now i just wish i got it together sooner and asked her out. Well yesterday we went to christiana skating rink on a field trip....


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