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Posted by Peace Of Mind @ 06/06/2004 06:57 AM GMT-8
Life is Grand
Life is grand   This summer has had its ups and downs.  The fact that some of the things that I wanted worked out didnít turn out so well.  The fact that I have friends who care so much about me it makes me want to cry.  Camp, leaving the toy shop for a summerÖ So much stuff...

Posted by Jesuslovesyou @ 05/31/2004 11:19 PM GMT-5
pretty, pretty puter!
I've got a brandy new's actually a "notebook" and by notebook they do not mean paper. It is very prettyful, and it's called an HP Pavilion. It's called a pavilion cuz it's as big as one, lol. Laptop this is not, but very good it is. It has a CD/DVD rom and CD burner all in one. And...

Posted by xSwEEtXkIsSeZx @ 05/28/2004 05:15 PM GMT-5
ABOUT YOU Your full name:: Valerie Nicole Gallucci Age:: 13 Height:: 5"0 Natural hair colour:: brown Eye colour:: brown Number of siblings:: 3 Glasses/contacts?:: nope Piercings:: 2 in each ear Tattoos:: nahh Braces?:: no FAVOURITE Colour:: blue, hot...

Posted by true beauty 83 @ 05/15/2004 04:15 PM GMT-8
ok fuckers i'm it saturday (suuurrrrdayyyy as Chris S would say) .  I PASSED MY FUCKIN DRIVERS TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 96 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ok...anyways...i went to work today...and it was boring as usual butttt thats...

Posted by allsmiles @ 05/11/2004 06:44 PM GMT-5
another bad day...
welp today sucked ass too...the past 4 months have sucked ass actually and hopefully they will be getting better. me and adam are far from being ok, in fact i think he like hates me. it really hurts what he did to me, i'm not going to get into details b/c its a long story but it was fucked up on...

Posted by minas.estel @ 05/06/2004 04:55 PM GMT-5
Yes, this site has finally, officially MOVED. I was getting tired of having to edit my layouts and such (I really don't know why), so please visit my new, easier-interfaced, blog: NEW SITE NEW SITE NEW SITE NEW SITE NEW SITE

Posted by KLS387 @ 04/29/2004 11:45 AM GMT-5
disappointed.. again
I'm running out of clock and that ain't a shock SOME THINGS NEVER DO CHANGE -Something Corporate I'm really getting sick of being patient and I'm extremely irritated because I am so sick of being Kaitlyn Schury.. I just want to be someone new.. someone better.. I'm so sick of myself..

Posted by Technotherapy @ 04/28/2004 11:31 PM GMT-5
When Does it Stop?
Just wondering one lonely night When does it all stop? The insanity that is life The cruelty that is human nature Does it ever truly stop? Ever take a break even just a breather? When does the pain go away? When can I feel like I can be proud? When can I believe I didn't let you...

Posted by Ani's Blog @ 04/27/2004 08:57 PM GMT-5
hi ppl
look a lot of shit is goin on in my life. i realized i still have a ton of feelings for my ex and my current b/f is scaring me. oh umm i tried to kill myself again, not that any of u care. im cuttin again but thank god no one noticed. i dont feel like goin to a therapist again. they creep me out....

Posted by AlSavesDay @ 04/27/2004 06:21 PM GMT-6
i found a reason for me
i found a reason for me to change who i used to be a reason to start over new and the reason is you suprisingly enough i really like that new hoobastank song the reason. crazy. .[EMO]. xx.Do you enjoy depressing music? sometimes, depending on what triggered the feeling xx.What makes...


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