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Posted by my blog @ 08/05/2004 08:23 PM GMT-5
i hate the rain!!
im sooooooooooooooooo sick of it raining!!! geezy peezy cant it get sunny for once?!!? and its suppose to be cold tonite too like down in the 50' its AUGUST!! and speaking of it being august my birthday's in 9 days!! woo hoo! tehehe...theres only 4 weeks left of summer, i think im going to...

Posted by CandyLand @ 08/04/2004 05:37 PM GMT-8
"One is silver and the other gold..."
August 4. The date has so many endless posibilities. I love August, really I do. Not only is my Birthday in August but it's also a good month. Almost fall, getting hotter but also cooling down in the evenings. But still, August is bittersweet. It means that summer is almost over. That I have bigger...

Posted by Ashley @ 07/21/2004 12:49 PM GMT-5
ok so i try to do sumthin right and that jus makes shit worse. i didnt wanna nething in the comments thing cuz the shit thats goin on between me n this girl is our business and i dont think the whole world needs to be involved and w.e is goin on with her and the guy thats involved doesnt concern me...

Posted by Arr, me Journal @ 07/12/2004 12:43 AM GMT-5
Woo Hoo! Fecal Matter!
Hidy-ho, everybody. I just got home from camp. Overall, camp was pretty enjoyable, despite deterring factors such as pit toilets, frequent thunderstorms and the lack of a rain coat. But still, the kids were mostly good and there were some cool things like hiking through the creek. However, on our...

Posted by Midnight Eyes @ 06/30/2004 06:46 PM GMT-5
Yesterday I went with Bethany when she tried out for The Music Man. It was her first ever audition and she was soooo nervous but....SHE MADE IT!!!! EEEEEEEE~! I am so excited for her, heheheh. YAY BETHANY! <3

Posted by lilkelly567 @ 06/21/2004 09:25 AM GMT-8
BYE BYE BLOGGY! i think its time to say good bye..n start over! lol this thing needs a new look n i never write in it n i figure if i start over i will pick it up again like i use to! so hopefully it works out like that but yea im...

Posted by Lost Fears @ 06/15/2004 02:49 PM GMT-5
Oh my god!  What the hell do I have to do to make you understand!  Words are powerful, you need to use them wisely.  What you said affected people, negitively, why do you not see that!  Ugh!  I talked to you today, ok, I yelled, but it still didn't...

Posted by x O Kishezz O x @ 06/11/2004 02:15 PM GMT-5
THIS IS THE FIRST!!..thing i remembered..
hey! aHh dude im so hyped right now! at 4:00..ill be heading to the BLINK 182 CONCERT with jaide!!! holler!! god thats going to be so fun! ill see kristen and tayler..!! this is the first..THING I REMEMBERD! now its the last..THING LEFT ON MY MIND! lol jaide  ..why can't it be like this is the...

Posted by nels blog @ 06/08/2004 04:14 PM GMT-5
no more skool
NO MORE SKOOL!tHANk yOu...©hanel B®ooks

Posted by Peace Of Mind @ 06/06/2004 06:57 AM GMT-8
Life is Grand
Life is grand   This summer has had its ups and downs.  The fact that some of the things that I wanted worked out didn’t turn out so well.  The fact that I have friends who care so much about me it makes me want to cry.  Camp, leaving the toy shop for a summer… So much stuff...


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