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Posted by My Court @ 04/17/2008 01:21 PM GMT-5
Along came a class assignment on blogs. Damn these new fangled business courses.I found that I was too much of a novice for Blogdrive.. I tried all the different and new blog hosting websites and finally settled on Wordpress. Since my more visible blog is already on Wordpress, I decided to...

Posted by angelrunner @ 08/25/2006 02:18 PM GMT-5
the end!
This journal has been fun, and has served me well.  It helped me keep in touch with family and friends in Maryland while I was off at college for four years.  Now that I am back in Maryland, and about to start the next step in life - moving out of the house and starting my job - it seems...

Posted by Bonnachatorium @ 08/05/2006 12:07 AM GMT-5
I don't have a clue...
To what they're talking about, but you must must MUST watch the video.  It's memelicious!

Posted by lozer101 @ 05/01/2006 02:56 PM GMT11.5
It's been a long time
   Ok so I'll be honest I forgot all about this.  It's been a really long time since the last time I wrote in.  Let's see this year I'm a junior and we have like 28 days left (thank God) but anyways I can't wait until the summer because it's gonna be a long break from...

Posted by Who Am I? @ 04/24/2006 12:51 AM GMT-5
Once A King
Has the King enslaved himself in a fantasy about a pauper, wishing he were King?Has the King given all his riches to his children before letting them know and come to respect what they've inherited?Does the King not wonder at his predicament?Once ruler of all that was, Now begging for scraps on his...

Posted by CirCle oF MadNeSs @ 01/17/2006 10:53 AM GMT-5
Death is only a Horizon
Yesterday afternoon at approx. 12:00 p.m. my granddaddy was laid to rest in the cemetary of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Barnesville MD. This is the first grandparent I have lost in my 24 years of life. I feel very fortunate to of known him as long as I did. Below is his Obituary as printed in...

Posted by LearnJava @ 01/04/2006 11:15 AM GMT-5
Basic XML
What is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup LanguageXML is a markup language much like HTML.XML was designed to describe data. XML tags are not predefined in XML. You must define your own tags.XML is self describing.XML uses a DTD (Document Type Definition) to formally describe the...

Posted by kliqdx2000 @ 09/24/2005 07:36 PM GMT-5
Had to make a new one.

Posted by creatureparadise @ 08/30/2005 06:06 PM GMT-8
a post
MAN! I haven't updated in FOREVER. Well, hello there, my non-existant fanbase! I need to put something in here, about LEGAL NESS! Yeah. I DONT OWN MEGAMAN no fluk. That's all capcom. IT'S ALL 0WN3D BY CAPCOM! Alrighty? I just made the storyline, and the recolors. All origional characters by...

Posted by Angel Dust @ 07/31/2005 03:25 PM GMT-5
Yeah, right. Title.
Today, Gaia in under maintenance, so I have nothing to do online. [I sort of forgot I had a blog. -_-;;] If you're a member of Gaia, my username is Evenlei so look me up. I have 13k / 70k so w00t! I watched several trailers of March of the Penguins and holy crap, it's so cute. I was so giddy and...


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