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Posted by Mariann's Blog @ 11/02/2003 02:37 AM GMT-8
The balance between boy and girl.
Today I visited my grandparents. It was so boring I even watched television. *gasp* But before anyone calls me a hypocrite, it was a show on Tibet! After watching the program I entertained thoughts of converting to Buddhism and moving to the valleys of Tibet (areas relatively safe from...

Posted by Tiffy's Journal @ 10/19/2003 10:59 PM GMT-8
Better Mood? Honestly I'm Not Sure....
Wow....Last night really sucked. Jagon and Rob helped me cheer up a bit, not much though. I ended up crying for about 3 hours until I finally fell asleep. I ripped all the pictures off of my walls, not just Ians. You know, that saying is right, you don't know how much you love somebody until you've...

Posted by pNai s0 fr3sh @ 10/16/2003 03:27 AM GMT-9
ahhh .. i know we all get jealous from one time to another .. but i just can't help getting so damn jealous when my beb talks to other girls on the phone! ahhh! i try to keep it substained inside me, but it bothers me soo much! i guess i have to just let it pass .. after all i know this boy loves...

Posted by jennykong @ 09/25/2003 07:10 PM GMT-9
new banner
hello dude, the banner looks gay .. hahaha looks better than the old one ? i guess .. aigoo .. man i have to do my homework .. its gaaaaaay .. i have .. algebra [but i think my math book is in lyndel's locker] and i have english .. stupid myth story .. gosh .. i have a gay algebra test tomorrow x_x...

Posted by dlyn @ 09/10/2003 11:44 PM GMT-9
im sad
You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never knows what you're going to come up with next; this creates great excitement and arousal never knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end in a kiss as great as your mystery. What kind of kiss are you? brought to you by Quizilla what a...

Posted by My Life @ 08/28/2003 08:46 PM GMT-9
hello der!!!
hehehhe..... i finallly had time to visit my own darn page well neways thenx for miz. joanne for da purty baybeeh bluee colorzz..... hehehehe welpz i guess school starts in 4 dayz yipee333!!! yah right! kinda scawwy cuz yah know im just a freshwomen.....lolzz. Dis blog thingy is preeety coool i...

Posted by The Road @ 08/26/2003 11:40 PM GMT9
Maybe resolve?
This'll be a place for my thoughts and a type of journal. But my question to myself is whether or not I'll be able to keep it up for very long, but I guess as long as things happen I'll give it my best.

Posted by monkeytrainer @ 08/18/2003 08:48 PM GMT-9
its me
I have nothing to the bay

Posted by jaeyoungee @ 08/17/2003 10:37 AM GMT-9
past few days...had lots of fun. KCC won 1st place in bowling, vball, and jok goo. heck yeah =) hehe. oh man, while eating at royal fork...eugene, jin, james, and some other guys were talking about gross things while we were eating. aish. yeah, i'm gonna go to tokyo garden soon so toodles


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