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Posted by Falling Tears @ 01/05/2004 11:30 AM GMT-9
Well im skrewed yeah i came to school happy waiting for 1st turns out i cant find my oboe *tears* that means i cant play  it or anything and i cant practice but thats not why im skrewed im skrewed because if i dont find it im going to have to pay the school over 2 thousand dollors...

Posted by Melfina @ 12/29/2003 09:51 AM GMT-9
Oh my...
I must ask you, why love?

Posted by sTen @ 12/28/2003 02:49 AM GMT-9
i hate...him
what the hell..i hate this shit so fucken much right now..its bull shit. i just wanna go away forever..i hate this town,i hate this house, i hate me, i hate everything..i feel so damn sorry for the people that have to put up with it..its a fucken waste! i would give anything just to fucken get...

Posted by MeGuMi @ 12/26/2003 09:43 PM GMT-9
Hey! I am so happy!!!! I got a cellphone Nokia 3560!!! It's so cute!!!! I also got a portable DVD player from my dad and alot of money and a ner printer!!! THe only bad part is my grandma knitted me something for Christmas >< My Aunt Julie and Uncle Garth gave me this really cute pink...

Posted by imdumb @ 12/24/2003 12:37 AM GMT-9
Jason says Merry Christmas
Jason just came and he left and he said Merry Christmas before he left.... why do people say Merry Christmas.. why is Christmas Merry and everything else is Happy??.. I dont know but its confusing... I like Happy Christmas better.. Merry Christmas just sounds too Cheery.. I dont know.. I just dont...

Posted by welcome @ 12/11/2003 05:32 PM GMT-8
Book !!!
Whiiit, its me and i jus remembered i had a site, mintit, im living the aftermath of my 17th with 2 oz at my house and a massive hotbox, it was well fun an now chris and i have set about writin a story about the gommie charecters that live in our head, i can tell the more we smoke, the more our...

Posted by snoogie @ 12/01/2003 12:09 PM GMT-9
      ;      ;   I have a brain and i'm to stupid to use it, but thats okay i'm funny as hell

Posted by Ya It'zzz MeEe! @ 12/01/2003 02:14 AM GMT-4
Just stoppin by!
Mayn sup peeps i havent updated this shet in a long ass tyme but im back! But nobody check ma shet anyways so nvm! Aight ill do this when i hav time! Payce\//ç

Posted by The Tower @ 11/23/2003 01:29 PM GMT-9
imagine all the people, living for today...
the way in the shape of the skymove mestrike silver wingsdown allow dovesflying far off to bring us(love) a soft wordfrom and tous allthe wayin the color of lifefill indiscard the linesbreakfree bonded limbsnow shackledto bring us (hope)a soft wordto and from us all

Posted by n e y b e b z @ 11/14/2003 04:43 PM GMT-9
thank u jem
i jacked this from jem only because i can..hehe thank u jem STATS... :x: name: Jarnell Venasquez Alcain aka ney :x: piercings: one on each ear :x: tattoos: no not yet :x: height: alittle bit bove 5’2” :x: hair color: reddish brownish :x: length: ionno…wherever my bra ends :x: age:...


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