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Posted by sagina @ 05/07/2004 03:34 AM GMT-4
IM BACK!!!!!!
yO people! I'm bored like a crazy mofo so I decided to come back! Everything seems to be changed since I last remember anything. Well I really am excited to be going to Seattle! I'm ready to leave any day~ I think tomorrow my parents are gonna go camping. I'm hoping they don't take me. My dad...

Posted by fading away @ 05/02/2004 02:23 AM GMT-9
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Posted by hiddenwithin12 @ 04/14/2004 09:38 PM GMT-6
Lonely Tears
Sometimes...Tears are your only way out... Sitting on your bed ...Listeing to music... Thinking about all you have... And what you don't... Sometimes wishing life was different... Sometimes wishing you could just disapear... and that would be all Sitting there squeaazing your little...

Posted by charlie @ 03/30/2004 07:19 AM GMT-9
new journal rs/rainwatcher/ this is my new blogie journal thingie

Posted by JBRO @ 03/17/2004 01:37 PM GMT-9
Whut'z crackalackin'!?!
Whut'z rilly good wit my J-Bro!?!  I've promised this to u 4 a grip 'n' a whip, but I haven't had tha chance to break it down like I wanna. . .So now that I do I just wanna say that ya'll playa hataz need to bizounce up off thiz mutha n back up cuz u don't want none of this...

Posted by Twiztid @ 03/11/2004 09:55 AM GMT-8
Website Change is no longer anime (to hell wit dat gay shyt) its now rap/hiphop site lol big change anyway if you want to check i out its

Posted by Olympia @ 03/05/2004 12:05 PM GMT-9
Look say whatever you want.......
me » go ahead and love everybody but just know that not everybody loves you... in fact, its just the opposite (Taryn, I'm sure) Look you can say whatever you want about me and I will not bend for you. I still love the world even thought they may throw stones at me.

Posted by baliw* @ 02/10/2004 08:06 PM GMT-8
I'm getting outta here! hello...xanga! http://ww's having issues right now... being a butt like posts it like three hours into the future...weird. but yeah...i'm there..... bye

Posted by lacey @ 02/07/2004 04:27 AM GMT-9
im glad im not the bearded lady
so im f-ing frozen... im all wiggly and eggcited... im getting a little cabin... it's so cute... you know how when you're really really excited about something and your voice kind of stops working in the middle of a word, simply so you can take a breath... thats happening... its so tiny and cute......

Posted by Jeaner Beaner @ 01/26/2004 02:59 PM GMT-9
well today, i'm SOOO incredibly tired.  the day was kind of sucky in general.  i mean, it was a lot of fun, but not as fun as most days.  i REALLY need some sleep.  i have to go to youth symphony in like a half hour, and i'm not getting home until 7:30!  it's not...


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