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Posted by Dianna Llew @ 09/16/2004 08:16 PM GMT-9
Enter My thoughts here
Hello all, I am just feeling like writting and i dont have much to say really. I am back in school now and I dont think they are giving me enough work, i wanna get things done and get out of highschool. It really bites having to deal with the pace of others when you wanna be fast. Poopy

Posted by True Love @ 09/10/2004 11:42 AM GMT-9
hey courtney all that i've said here is true and i'm sorry for saying those things about you but at the time i was mad at anyone who says love is fake and people our age cannot fall in love. nothing will ever make me stop loving you. i would fight a losing battle if i could see you face before i...

Posted by SoIntoYou @ 08/23/2004 08:56 AM GMT-9
School is in 2 days... friggin sad huh... my summers been aiight... i have to go to my JSAP meeting at 1 pm... then i duno what else.. aight later

Posted by love2hate @ 08/11/2004 05:34 PM GMT-9
Dangeling on a String
Licking the ash-tray surface of your existence makes my tongue dry. Watching the laughter of happy people makes my tears cry. Listening to a gentle breeze in the darkness makes my ears bleed. Touching your dead body right now makes me fulfill all my needs.

Posted by expand your vocab @ 07/21/2004 03:46 PM GMT-9
ludic [7.4.04]
ludic \LOO-dik\, adjective:    Of or relating to play; characterized by play; playful. example:      There's  only  one  problem:  her mother. Who, being a      substantial executive, has a somewhat different attitude...

Posted by go away haha @ 07/09/2004 09:57 PM GMT-9
- R E L O C A T E D -
hey suckers ... this will be my last and final entry on this site . i have officially retired from BLOGDRiVE . lots of good times indeed with this site, but the end has come-- for now . once again, i have relocated my blogging elsewhere . want to find me ? either IM me or email me and i'll be...

Posted by JUSTINikki @ 07/02/2004 04:24 PM GMT-9
<u>"Please don't leave me without saying goodbye."</u>
Yup, that's right. I moved again. Enjoy... Press Me, I Want You Eberyone Break to the Electric Bugaloo

Posted by Grar @ 05/31/2004 10:04 AM GMT-9
No more blogdrive
I'm not going to use this blog anymore... i'm switching to livejournal... in case anyone reads this, just letting you know. ers/seppuku_suru

Posted by sagina @ 05/07/2004 03:34 AM GMT-4
IM BACK!!!!!!
yO people! I'm bored like a crazy mofo so I decided to come back! Everything seems to be changed since I last remember anything. Well I really am excited to be going to Seattle! I'm ready to leave any day~ I think tomorrow my parents are gonna go camping. I'm hoping they don't take me. My dad...

Posted by fading away @ 05/02/2004 02:23 AM GMT-9
hatemehatemehatemehatemehateme hatemehatemehatemehatemehateme hatemehatemehatemehatemehateme hatemehate mehatemehatemehatemehatemehat emehatemehatemehatemehatemehat emehatemehatemehatemehatemehat emehatemeha temehatemehatemehatemehatemeh atemehatemehatemehatemehatemeh atemehatemehatemehatemehatemeh atemeha...


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