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Posted by Amanda @ 08/22/2003 11:30 AM GMT-5
Nick never called the night before last.. but he did call me from work at about 3:30 that day and 7 Yesterday morning. He's got a ride to and from my house for work atleast as long as he's on the crew he's on now. So he can stay, and he stayed last night. That's really cool because I'll get to see...

Posted by Joe momma @ 08/05/2003 05:30 PM GMT-5
I Like the checker thingys lol

Posted by Kendall Tells You @ 08/02/2003 03:44 PM GMT-5
Banana Pudding
I can't find a recipe to make the kind of banana pudding that I want to make anywhere.  I like banana pudding, but I want the bananas to be totally incorporated within the pudding.  I don't want to layer bananas on the bottom of a bowl and put vanilla pudding on top of all of it. ...


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