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Posted by kyweee @ 01/14/2004 08:48 AM GMT11

Posted by oxLisaxo @ 01/11/2004 02:17 PM GMT-5
.:x:*EverythiN u EveR WanteD 2 KnO*:x:.
I GOT THIS FROM MICKI WHO GOT IT FROM KELLEY WHO GOT IT FROM NIKKY. . . .If I were a month I would be: July-always hotIf I were a day of the week I would be: FridayIf I were a time of day I would be: 12*00amIf I were a planet I would be: SaturnIf I were a sea creature I would be: a sperm whale. . ....

Posted by The Royal Crown @ 01/05/2004 11:59 AM GMT-8
New Year and Time Will Fly
HOLYKAPOWIE! I just have come to a revaltion within my own minuta of a so-called human brain. Its 2004 and thats kind of a wonder in itself. Or so I seem to believe... -The arts are what I wake up for in the morning, but my day ends there. Why am I living for something that I cannot...

Posted by topher's blog @ 11/18/2003 02:52 PM GMT-5
great day
so i woke up this morning at 8:30, which was good... i was so friggin tired and thought my day would be so long and horrible. well, i got ready, got on the bus and went to my first class in portland. i had a mountain dew, which woke me up and got me through intro to international relations and...

Posted by My name is Dave @ 11/11/2003 05:53 PM GMT-5
Ra ra Shishkoombah
Catchy title huh? Well, I got about 40 minutes before I go and eat.  Amy wanted me to write this so she "has something to read" (guess I'm not good enough to talk to, huh!?!) so I can afford to waste some time. Well today was Veteran's day, and I'm sad to say it went by quickly.  Okay...

Posted by btfloblivion88 @ 11/09/2003 05:27 PM GMT-8
Here with out you
Here without you By 3 doors down   A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face A thousand lies have made me colder and I donít think I can look at this the same But all the miles had separate They disappeared now when Iím dreaming of your face...

Posted by DancinChels89 @ 11/07/2003 07:51 AM GMT-8
Just another ordinary day...
Today at school we had to do Renaissance dancing. It was so gay..! The lady that taught us the African dancing taught it and they were weird dances. I was partners with Jarred and Bethany was with Ben and Drew. I felt so stupid. Oh well..its all over now. Well today was a pretty ordinary day. We...

Posted by You had no idea.. @ 11/03/2003 01:06 PM GMT-8
Surveys. he he! I love these!
Name: Carrie Age: 14 Where are you from: My house Favourite type of clothing: Jeans Favourite type of clothing on the opposite sex: Spandex! Favourite brand name: Hmm... I dunno! Where do you normally shop: Aero. Favourite film: Umm... Uptown gurls or A walk to remember! Would you recommend...

Posted by SweetDreamer @ 09/22/2003 11:53 AM GMT-6
Stayed home today..what fun it is being sick, lemme tell ya!
Hey everyone, urgh, as most of u know, i am i hate it..although i got to stay home today, well if i wanted to i probably could netime i thats nuttin big..This is how bored i got today..i did my Graphic Arts class work..cuz i like know what we were goin to do to next so...

Posted by dedoubleuar @ 09/15/2003 01:34 AM GMT11


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