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Posted by xodanielita05ox @ 11/24/2004 10:25 PM GMT-5
Christmas plan with ally!!
LadyxLuckx: so, i have devised a plan. LadyxLuckx: this christmas, you are to kiss him under missoltoe(sp?). xodanielita05ox: me kiss him??:-P LadyxLuckx: uhh, yes. xodanielita05ox: okay well first i'd have to get him under the mistletoe:-P xodanielita05ox: lol LadyxLuckx: well, you can do...

Posted by ~BlueMondays~ @ 11/22/2004 03:13 AM GMT-5
Stormy Monday Blues
Stormy Monday T Bone Walker / Allman Brothers They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad Lord and Wednesday's worse, Thursday's oh so sad The eagle flies on Friday, Saturday I go out to play The eagle flies on...

Posted by check yes or no @ 11/03/2004 10:30 AM GMT-5
..I need to start cracking the whip
Well, I am in college now.. and I love making my own decisions.. but I need to start cracking down on getting my homework done.  My paper is none existant that was due on friday and here it is Wednesday and I have done nothing.  I need someone here tellin me, do you work, do your work, do...

Posted by you are home @ 09/20/2004 09:47 PM GMT-6
p a u v r e . l o l a
boxes & boxes of photos of everyone i used to know. i need to record things to prove to myself they really happened. polaroids of the boy i worry about being in too love with. cast shots from all the plays i used to do. pictures of the seven girls i write novels about in the...

Posted by ConfessionsOfLove @ 07/24/2004 10:15 PM GMT-5
Hamilton, Ontario !!!!!!
OHMYGOD okay so... yeah. hmm.. haha I love how I have just about 932748394 things to write... but then when I actually start to write them, i'm just all HUH? well on Tuesday morning I'm leaving on a bus by myself, and will arrive in Hamilton on Wednesday morning! so allllll that day I'm just...

Posted by Island Boys '88 @ 06/04/2004 06:01 PM GMT-5
First in a long time
           Hey! Dan is back, and ready rock! I dunno if Van will be back any time soon, but I'll be around for a bit. These last few months have a ton of stuff happen. Upward Bound, next year's classes, just good...

Posted by Sarah's Icons @ 05/24/2004 06:06 PM GMT-5
CUSTOM Requests
~Customs only~ Request one by emailing:

Posted by dying2bperfekt @ 05/21/2004 04:54 PM GMT-5
wow! I am on a rolllllll today
wowww it's been good today. I was going to eat a banana for breakfast before I went to work, but I accidently slept in and only woke up 5 minutes before I had to be there. So WOOPS no time for breafkast! I didn't eat anything till I got home at around 3.. and so all I've had to eat today so far...

Posted by confessions @ 04/26/2004 10:42 PM GMT-5
Dangling by a finger over the current of death
And the tears just flow like the solitary drops of water that dance together in the river below me. Dangling by two arms, who ever said it had to be like this? When my life was mapped out before me, why was it written in red ink with the middle torn to pieces? And why does everyone who walks by...

Posted by cookie8716 @ 04/21/2004 11:18 PM GMT-5
i'm neglecting my blog!
i am sorry for neglecting my blog! i will add more soon, i promise!~ but i've just been so busy as of late...and plus my sis has been here a lot...grrr/yea.  it's a hate/love thing, def. but anyways, i will update soon, promise! love you guys, leave links to your blogs, bye! ~cookie~


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