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Posted by xxTangibleFaithxx @ 04/07/2004 11:06 AM GMT-6
badd computer
My computer is messing up really badd. I'll be back soon as possible. Love Janine

Posted by mallooooory @ 04/04/2004 07:31 PM GMT-6
We gave the world what they wanted to see and look what it did to Me & You
Well.. This Weekend was pretty good I guess you could say It started off with me waking up at 5:45 Saturday because I had to take the ACT and finish up packing for Florida. The ACT was really hard. I haven't even learned a lot of it yet Like there's barely enough time to answer the...

Posted by ..a sketch of me @ 03/19/2004 04:47 PM GMT-6
the various lines and fragments that littered the barroom table
(..and he was so caught in his notes that he bowed when his head met the headlights. and before he hit the ground, he denied every single memory that tried to feed his starving eyes. upon impact, the pianist ran through his lines in one final rehearsal. upon collapse, he breathed out with the...

Posted by A Million Stars @ 03/14/2004 08:12 PM GMT-8
Living memories
I have memories That would make you cry That would make you scream That would make you wonder why the world is so mean I have archives of them Overflowing into my thoughts Day out day in You have no idea what its like to go to sleep every night With that on your mind.. to wake up in the...

Posted by Shadow Moses @ 03/06/2004 01:22 PM GMT-6
Diablo II
ok im not mad at sally.... but still at everyone else.... well not beth or michael.... me and michael are prolly gonna start a clan or somtin on Diablo II.... ok i gotta go later days

Posted by Being K. Thomas @ 03/05/2004 05:27 PM GMT-6
live journal...
okay...i've live journal...i doubt very many people, if anyone at all, were reading this username there is tanie_05, so look me up! -K. Thomas p.s.  i'm going to france...if anyone cares...

Posted by Lacey @ 03/05/2004 05:00 PM GMT-6
Soooo sick...
Been sick since Tuesday...ugh. Starting to feel a little better, but not very much. Going out with Christen tonight. Haven't seen her in forever, so it shoudl be nice. Also the first ngiht I've gone out in awhile without the boy included. that should be nice. Don't get me wrong, I like that boy a...

Posted by Sherry @ 03/02/2004 06:33 PM GMT-6
Pondering Life....
Is life really what a person makes it? it all somehow predetermined before we are even born? I suppose everybody has their own opinion on the subject. It just seems to me that some people are born lto be lucky souls and ......some of us are not! Some people who don't have a pot to piss...

Posted by Tenshi no Rakumei @ 02/28/2004 02:43 PM GMT-6
What To Do Now
It seems no one wants to be an affiliate, im bored cuz no one submits, no on ehas a problem, no one wants to be a division. Everything just sucks ass. It truly does. On top of it all im trying to run like 5 sites, make sigs, make avatars, make wallpapers, find a job AND go to school. Im getting...

Posted by Goodwill Baptist @ 02/26/2004 01:15 PM GMT-6
To Read the Bible On'Line:
GoTo: rbc/odb/odb.shtmlYou can read the Bible through in ayear here. They also have daily de-votionals here too. I read the old testament in the morn and the newtestament, and the daily devotionalin the even. ^(_)^


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