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Posted by colorless popcorn @ 10/05/2004 01:42 PM GMT-6
I'm moving my blog to my Yunho site. So no more ... BYE! See you there! known;MOMENT

Posted by Nautis @ 08/24/2004 11:54 AM GMT-6
omg this is a update
yo yo homies well its been forever and a day since i have been on here. internet is no longer alive at my apt. i think  i may be the only person in america without the internet. well things are going pretty good. i went and talked to my doctor. I have obsessive compulsive disorder ,...

Posted by drtrider3456 blog @ 08/12/2004 10:03 PM GMT-6
at the end of the day
Well as everyone knows school starts tomorrow and I just cant wait to wake up at 6![/sarcasm]  Actually i cant stand the thought of going back.  I wish there at one point was an eternal summer.  Anyways jens probly as excited as Iveever seen her about starting.  She doesnt kno...

Posted by my_little_snail @ 08/08/2004 02:31 AM GMT11
omg im so sad!
ok yesterday we( my cuz  & my brother) went to skate heaven! but caylob wasnt there! i thought i seen him but i dont know.... we had a blast except some body getting mad at us......neways im at my cuz house right now! so blah! neways she did leave me out but i had the tindency to fit...

Posted by False Smiles @ 08/09/2004 02:04 PM GMT-6
Well toms allowed to go out two times a week now... Well everyweek, for both nights, he goes out with Paul & all of them.  Personally I wish he would use one night with them, and one with me.  We never go anywhere.  i always just go to his house, which is fun & all, but...

Posted by Tears Of Fears @ 07/07/2004 04:27 AM GMT11
What a Wonderful night
Sorry i haven't wrote in here in like forever... but thats okay. So the fourth.... umm what is there really to say about the fourth? I a lil to drink saw fireworks, went fr coffee... had a lil more to drink. Dont think i was drunk... but then again i can't remember. Bekka says i was... so yea....

Posted by ALiMArIe @ 06/09/2004 12:31 AM GMT-6
i forgot to say good-bye, not that you noticed
OO YeA, um.. this blog has not been update in .....FOREVER.... but just wanted to let you know i switched journals and now im expressing my thoughts and daily life at pinxrawker not that you care, read this crap, or if im just writing this to noe one but my self,...

Posted by Ramblings of Me @ 04/19/2004 05:55 PM GMT-5
its coming to an end.
Well kids Ive decided to switch journal things. Its bascially bc the blogdrive thing isnt owkring and when u read my blog u have to like keep going from side to side to read. it annoys me. So i made a livejournal. I'll probabaly update this one every now and then. and if i can figure out hwo to fix...

Posted by Colt's Blog @ 04/08/2004 01:32 AM GMT-6
web'mail at
they have web'mail at at: http://webmail.northeastnet.n et/horde/ the Goodwill Baptist Church site at /Messages.cfm?GroupId=PB006GI0 &UCD=pb3

Posted by xxTangibleFaithxx @ 04/07/2004 11:06 AM GMT-6
badd computer
My computer is messing up really badd. I'll be back soon as possible. Love Janine


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