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Posted by ..:.Kelmar.:.. @ 10/19/2005 09:36 AM GMT-6
Pregnant Women!
Ok now I know... When my friends told me about pregnant women... now I believe them lol. Hip is doing well. Still a little sickly and all but at least she is excited now. Before we found out she was pregnant we had talked about whether or not we wanted children, and she was very much excited at the...

Posted by Mr. Man (Hiatus) @ 08/25/2005 11:48 AM GMT-6
What A Macaroon! Huh?
Just another amusing Mr. Man conversation who believes nearly everything anymore tells him ... as long as it's not me.  LOL Well intentioned but misinformed, Mr. Man came home yesterday with a three page email some guy at work had given him.  Mr. Man explains to me that this...

Posted by Yume no Tenshi @ 08/10/2005 03:36 PM GMT-6
There were all of eight chairs pulled around in one happy circle, each chair occupied by some suicidal lunatic, and me in the middle of it all. This group counseling was supposed to make me not feel suicidal, but for some reason, sitting there, having to tell these loonies why I decided I needed to...

Posted by Walking With Fear @ 07/12/2005 10:25 PM GMT-6
Greetings from New York
I guess... When one has long absences in their journal it can mean one of two things. Either there has been so much in their life that they haven't had the time to write it down. Or that there has been so little that they find little to no inspiration to write about. Mine has pretty much been...

Posted by InsideElysesMind @ 06/26/2005 04:57 PM GMT-6
Growing Up
          One more year of high school and i'm off for college. I'm excided though. The downer is that i'm going to have to slave to pay for college, because i'm not elligible for my state scholarship program. It will pay off in the end and that's all the...

Posted by hipnatizd's memes @ 06/15/2005 06:46 PM GMT-6
Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 65 We definitely have cause to smile today.  It's Hump Day and Power of a Smile Day.  Let's engage in some happy humping, shall we? 01.  Besides your blog, do you own anything with a smilie on it?  If yes, what is it, where did you get it and does it...

Posted by Teh Caro @ 05/03/2005 06:56 PM GMT-6
Oh, come on. Why not?
[initiate "Get me a fucking cool car, goddamnit." speech]   "Mom, Dad...      Not only would a Hybrid Toyota Prius (sea-side blue pearl with dark charcoal interior, heated seats, six CD-disk-changer, and automatic dimming interior lights) be economically healthy, with...

Posted by The Open Mind @ 01/30/2005 02:55 AM GMT-8
fell in love with a girl
i came within an inch tonight of breathing out the fact that i've fallen in love with her..she was listening..wanted to know what was the matter..but i couldn't open my mouth and say the words.  all signs point to yes..she loves me too..but something in grained in me makes me think why would...

Posted by frozen popsicle @ 12/14/2004 01:04 PM GMT-6
Leaving Blogdrive
Sorry guys, I guess blogdrive isn't for me. I can't stand the banner ads. >_<;!! So I'm leaving. I'm going back to my diaryland,, if you want to read my journal. It's not really a journal but I do write journals in it when I feel like it. I am going to delete my...

Posted by colorless popcorn @ 10/05/2004 01:42 PM GMT-6
I'm moving my blog to my Yunho site. So no more ... BYE! See you there! known;MOMENT


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