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Posted by A Bored Brain @ 09/16/2003 08:03 PM GMT-6
Chapter IV
The Devon Plaza. The old owner wanted out. All he required was 200 grand. With our network of friends, associates, and aquaintances, all with almost formal training in the arts of the night, coming up with the cash wasn't a problem. Whether it was dealing, hustling, burglary, or boosting everything...

Posted by *.Cass.* @ 09/10/2003 02:54 PM GMT-5
Hey.. Well i had my surgery..and i was in the hospital for about a week everything went good. I aint goin back to school until after fall break i think. Well nothing else has happened..byebye

Posted by bryantkinnaird @ 09/01/2003 02:18 AM GMT-5
where am i going?
  I cannot hate, cannot love, I cannot stand what Iíve become. Tear me down, Run away, No one cares enough to stay.     What I feel Iím going through, I never was enough for you, And when I feel its gonna be okay, You say, you say,   I cannot get you there, You...

Posted by Useless Dreamer @ 08/26/2003 05:05 PM GMT-6
Hello,     Man i miss lizzie. I love her so much. In 2 monthes I'm going with her and her dad to Erlam(Its the collage lizzie's sis goes too) for family weekend. Anyway. Im out for the search for a phone. I hate phone companys, they always try to rip you. For instance its 5 cents an...

Posted by Mr.Mark @ 08/25/2003 03:57 PM GMT-8
Check out my home page
OK Ppl finally got an ok home page up not what I really wanted soo check it out and I hope that you all enjoy it.  Now onto other news me and my baby Kera got together.  Yes we are offically a couple now.  On August 23, 2003 I asked her to be my gurl and make me the happiest man...

Posted by ElysE @ 08/05/2003 07:52 PM GMT-5
August 05, 2003
August 05, 2003      *Well today was suposed to be a good day because I was going to hang out with my wonderful boifriend after school... But then he had to cut weeds and then by the time he got ready my mother told me that I couldnt go out. So you know what he did? He went...


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