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Posted by divinequeen @ 11/14/2003 03:09 PM GMT-8
something is bothering me and i dont know what it is, i keep taping my fingers for no reason or without knowing... and looking around me like i am looking for something but i dont know what it is... i am jittery. always moving...something is getting on my nerves and i dont know what the f*** it is!...

Posted by The Alto's Voice @ 11/12/2003 04:22 PM GMT-5
I am really stupid
I am so stupid because I had all these minutes on my phone, and I forgot to get a new phone card before they ran out, and now I have no minutes, and I am stuck at school. Well, now that I have described the gunius that I am, I don't know what I am going to do. I just don't know. I think that I...

Posted by Jeanna's Life @ 11/09/2003 11:31 PM GMT-5
this week sucked
Well if things could not have gotten worse after charlie died i did not think thy could and then my hamster dies. If i had not been doing enough crying over charlie i did some more crying after my hamster that lived at matts died because it tryed to hibernate since it was getting cold out and she...

Posted by *MoDeL* @ 11/06/2003 05:20 PM GMT-8
Hey everybody! This is MeGaN!!! Welp i just wanted to tell u all that i miss u guys! but we should get together sometime and have a big party lol it would be a blast! call me netime and IM!!!Love u and miss u!

Posted by *~*Aj*~* @ 11/03/2003 09:41 AM GMT-6
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Well...So rry i havnt posted much, i still luv ya! lol, well get this, i tried piercing my cartilige last night, cause mom wont let me get it done, and i had to do it 3 times!!!! the first time was painless, it went through and taaaa daaaaaaa! but...

Posted by PinkPiggy @ 10/31/2003 03:37 PM GMT-5
All that Jazz
So we are behind on bills still about $4,000 behind and we only have $130 left in the bank of course that doesn't matter because it'll all be gone soon to we can't get any jobs because no one in Richmond wants to hire us becuase we are only here for four months at a time and nobody in london wants...

Posted by Just a g3rl @ 10/26/2003 03:39 PM GMT-5
India - Hielo ( This song it`s so true. <3. )
Mira, es mejor que lo sepas de una vez todo lo que ves como ya sabes es fingido, es comedia es una escena para ti Mira, yo no quiero herirte corazon pero todos mis sentidos quieren mas son mentiras, son por miedo son una farsa, un engaņo solo eso..... Y todo lo que siento es Hielo...

Posted by purplefeline20 @ 10/12/2003 02:15 AM GMT-5
thoughts on guys
this has been an ongoing situation that i wish would end, but pry wont for who knows how long.  i was talking with this guy i met at work for a few months.  i let him use my car one time and he took my bike out of the back seat so some other people could sit in the back.  i didnt...

Posted by vanillacoker @ 10/10/2003 09:24 PM GMT-5
Day in my shoes
Today started out good when reward time rolled around. I got to watch holes and Daddy Day-Care. It is hillarious. Then Holes it was a cool movie. After that break was cool but my broken foot was killing me. It was so hard to stand. But I did anyways. In my last period I got to go out of class for...

Posted by I bleed chaos. @ 09/18/2003 02:22 PM GMT-5
Bleeding Through's new CD comes out September 23rd!!!!!!   GET THIS CD...  Its called  Bleeding Through This is Love...This is Murderous This is one of the most brutal and horrifying albums to ever hit the Indy genre.  This CD will give you nightmares...its not your...


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