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Posted by truestories @ 03/12/2004 06:22 PM GMT-4
State the fact
I am gonna be so bored this weekend. And you wont guess what happened. Well, my friend KT, is leaving for three days just to go to the state competition. g2g. bye.

Posted by ride the monkey @ 03/03/2004 05:39 PM GMT-5
  putting this on record now .  i am gay . i like most, if not all guys . i am not bi . so i do happen to like a girl, but that dosen't make me bi. she's the exception to the rule, not the rule itself.      but, maybe that's putting the cart ahead of the...

Posted by MINE @ 02/20/2004 08:38 PM GMT-6
The TRUE final days of Chrissy
Well, we laid my cousin in the ground today.  Don't you know, that the hardest thing for me to bare witness to was them actually closing the casket, it sat in stone that she wouldn't be comming back to say hi, she wouldn't be comming back to ask if we wanted to go to the movies, or if i wanted...

Posted by Nothing ever ends @ 02/02/2004 11:01 AM GMT-6
I have moved. x?user=ConquerorWorm

Posted by jeffz2 @ 01/31/2004 12:36 AM GMT-5
It's that time of the year again, that makes me want to board my windows up and chain myself in a conner and weep, as I hope to never have to look at a jolly fat man again. Don't get me wrong, I love this time of the year. I love winter, however people get even more insane than they already are....

Posted by THE_TROX @ 01/30/2004 09:30 PM GMT-8
what if?
WHAT IF  What if God    couldn't take the   time to bless us    today because we    couldn't take the    time to thank Him     yesterday?    What if God    decided to stop    leading...

Posted by SoftKissieZ @ 01/14/2004 11:42 AM GMT-8
::::N0t Cool::::
Guess what time it's 1:33P.m. guess where i home............know where i should be? School! Why am i not there? oh because, today at lunch i was sitting there about to eat, and i started crying, i felt dizzy, i wanted to just fall over, and i was crying,...

Posted by ThruAnotherDay @ 01/10/2004 06:19 AM GMT-5
i deleted my other blogs beens i didnt want some people to read it so here kinda a new blog with the same name..... umm today i dont nothing cuz we got snowed out so there was no school today.. umm i called my best friend from where i used to live and we called his gurlfriend shes awsome... my...

Posted by GarysPunk69 @ 01/01/2004 12:24 PM GMT-8
Yea, what fun this break has been. Yea sure I had fun. My sister was gone a lot so it was really quiet. Then again I was gone a lot. But here it is, the weekend before I go back to school and I have to go to the doctors tomorrow and then the orthadontist the day I go back to school. Wow! Talk about...

Posted by His Jealous Sky @ 12/29/2003 02:58 PM GMT-5
I've moved. Email me ( or leave me a comment if you want the link to my new blog.


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