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Posted by how2findlove @ 08/19/2015 06:08 PM GMT-8
Is Acceptance The Answer To All Your Problems?
If you believe happiness only comes in acceptance you might be right.After all everybody who is born longs to be popular and we set out assoon as we can talk trying to find acceptance and then popularity.Off we go to school thinking of all the new friends we will meet and wework on making...

Posted by Sunshine in a can @ 06/03/2011 10:48 PM GMT-6
only one came back
So I'm sitting on my couch with my cat Sebastian and we're watching Titanic. Or at least the ending of Titanic. We started to watch all of it, got bored, put in Vince Vaughn's movie 'The Dilemma', watched all of that (it was awesome by the way) and then tuned in just in time to watch the Titanic...

Posted by Meep? @ 12/12/2007 11:42 AM GMT-5
* Fast-paced strategy and conflict!
I never thought it would come to this. I wonder if Koreans will still play faster than everyone else.

Posted by meccimouse @ 01/29/2007 01:40 PM GMT-5
hey everybody just thought i would get on and say .... well i miss yall so much... ive been so busy lately... work and school.. and everybody in this town is totally sick.. we already had one sick day here and now i think after tomorroe.. we'll have three days out.. either cause sickness or it may...

Posted by Zax Blog @ 09/05/2006 03:24 PM GMT-5
Slap fight
haha while waiting for the bus today i slapped a couple of my friends [[just messing with them]] and i slapped this guy name ERIK that i know... well anyways we started having a slp off and slapping eachother back and forth... i got so many people on our bus to slap him today when they were at...

Posted by Meep! @ 02/28/2006 06:03 PM GMT-5
I hate this place.
And don't come back.

Posted by Scott Fairchild @ 01/21/2006 02:51 PM GMT-5
a new blog for the fairchilds
so we are not liking this never lets us post and all that fun we are moving(*scott might post here sometimes)so TAKE NOTE we haven't figured out all the bells and wistles yet but soon we will and then we will take over the world! caroline...

Posted by Mata Hati @ 01/15/2006 09:45 PM GMT-5
Move Out
hehe, not only I moved my self out from dorm to an apartment. I also decided to move my blog out to a new place. Please visit my new home then u could find out why i move out. Well, don't get a wrong impression; I still love my current home, and I did write a lot of important stuff here......

Posted by SlammaJamma Blog @ 08/27/2005 11:38 AM GMT-5
Yo, yo yo yo
Chillin here in Mammmmmmy Ohio. Skools aiiiight, making lost of friends, eating lots of soft serve, reading zero books. Been spittin game like sunflower seeds. Other day played frisbee, official sport of badasses. Ran around like hippies that invented game. Need to find job, seriously...

Posted by treetop @ 07/30/2005 04:11 AM GMT-5
What's Up
hey what's up homies. I'm bored and I'm drunk again. This is the third week in a row. I broke up with Trey. He kept telling me that I've changed too much. So I thought I would end it now. I also realized that I'm not able to have an emotional relationship. I haven't been able to feel anything since...


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