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Posted by *Wind* @ 12/04/2003 06:48 PM GMT-6
This WHOLE enty is about Taylor J. and Michelle Branch!!!
These are some pictures of Michelle Branch!!!       ;         ;              ;          ;        ; She's...

Posted by w0ah09 @ 11/12/2003 09:51 PM GMT-6
worst day
aahhhh i DO not think anything else could go wrong today, unless... milo died.. that would be a tragedy. I don't wanna go into TOO much detail, but... I'll give you a brief discription: I tore a ligament in my foot (for like the 5th time) so I have to get this shot that takes like 5 minutes and...

Posted by Sarah's Blog @ 11/10/2003 04:36 PM GMT-6
Why lately have I been so down on not having any friends? As some of you know already....Well..just let me quote from another post: church parents are the pastors of a 3 year church plant...we have no teenagers (besides my siblings, and thats not the same)..I hardly have...

Posted by SCI and my life @ 11/08/2003 05:29 AM GMT-6
"BACk" from the doc
Okay, I know I was bitching last time I wrote, and this is no different, just gonna be shorter.  I had to have a discogram done, and that is nothing more than torture. I had it done three days ago, and still am in horrid pain, but then again, we make narcotics for that reason...

Posted by Wild Eyes @ 10/09/2003 03:17 PM GMT-6
Aaaaaaaaack! Sorry for not posting... I completely forgot to. =x Rachel- To comment, click the Make a comment thing, and put your name and comments where it says to. Webpage is optional. ^^

Posted by Bite me. @ 10/01/2003 04:50 PM GMT-5
I never realized how much I depended on you for everything, I just knew I did. I didn't know that when you left, my writing "ability" would go straight down the drain. Speaking of writing, I miss yours. No one one has ever captured me like you have, and I don't think anyone ever will. I've...

Posted by Nicole @ 09/26/2003 01:37 PM GMT-6
Homecoming, eek
Well, I am not the type that should be nervous about a highschool dance. I am borrowing my friend Jenna's dress, I was going with Alex but he is being a complete and perverted Jerk. So I just might go alone. Scott is talking to me now. He doesn't "hate" me. For awhile I started to like him again...

Posted by motley @ 09/19/2003 11:49 PM GMT-6
alright i have been hanging out all girls for like the past two weekends and let me tell you i cant handle it, some of my girl-friends are to girly. ahhhh trouble.....i need hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhrachel said something funny, kayla says "i need some...

Posted by InHim @ 09/16/2003 09:14 AM GMT-6
First Time Out!
This is a test...calling all bloggers. This is Lawrence KS, anyone out there? Anyone at all?

Posted by Fish Are Scary. @ 09/09/2003 04:49 PM GMT-6
im back after that moment of depressingness
Hey everyone sorry for the like sudden hiatus. it was cause i became very depressed after the previous post. oh wellz. homecoming is coming up soon.. i dont think i wanna go if jesse's not going <yes i know shut up allison who cares if i like him still> jesse got in a fight with jake...


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