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Posted by Out of My Mind... @ 02/09/2004 04:51 PM GMT-6
So bad...
I really can't believe it's gone this far.  Debt is the pit of all pits.  It clogs your mind, paralyzes your productive activities, causes dreams of better times, wishing you could go back.  Two dollars and 31 cents in the checking gas to get her to...

Posted by Life @ 02/04/2004 11:39 PM GMT-6
its been a while...
  well not much has happened...people at walmart are *trying* to find me a gf lol... thats interesting, it snowed yay, i love snow...its like cold sucks, but its all worth it when u get snow, everytime someone talks about hot snow or whatever i think of that one guy who is hte pitchers coach...

Posted by princesskelly @ 01/29/2004 08:54 PM GMT-6
kelly is being a poo head.  she won't write in here, so i am going to do it for her.  lol she tried to pull the "i lost the password" trick on me, but i know the friggin pw.  haha it's the same password as everything else.. but oh well.  no one will go to here anyways b/c kelly...

Posted by Queens English @ 01/27/2004 10:47 PM GMT-6
Tension so thick....
You could cut it with a knife. Yes, we are past the talking stage. We are even past the yelling stage. Now we (read, he) are in the ignoring stage. He wont even talk to me, look at me. He just sits around the house, staring at his feet. Tonight, he came up to the office and played endless,...

Posted by Ameliexf @ 01/27/2004 12:40 AM GMT-6
island fantasies
going to hawaii one week from tomorrow, so excited.

Posted by _tOxiC_kiSS_ @ 01/19/2004 06:25 PM GMT-8
i love my pb SO much. and i <3 *him*   =)

Posted by Katie @ 01/11/2004 01:29 PM GMT-6
la la la
wow guys what a week....i'll tell ya what.  I learned a lot of patience so i guess thats a good thing. But i totally am starting to run out of things to say. shocking isnt it? i guess you also figure out who your true friends are when your in a tough spot ya know? Heres a HUGE shoutout to my...

Posted by Home Waiting!!! @ 01/05/2004 10:32 PM GMT-6
How life sucks!!!!!!!!!
    Now I know not to wait but why do I still wait? I wait on him for nada cause he still hasn't called or tried to come by to say hi or nada I'm just here and waiting. My sister said no one can wait 4ever cause look at her look her husband always cheated on her and now that she is...

Posted by KristinFrans @ 12/15/2003 11:38 AM GMT-8
Wes Borland #2
    Doesn't He Look Yummy In This One Too?

Posted by InMemoryOf @ 12/12/2003 04:28 PM GMT-8
December 12, 2003
Just a quick update on Prairierose's Mom and what tests they are doing and have done already.... Yesterday, it seems that the did a CAT Scan, and EKG and some sort of test on the main vein that is in the neck (I don't know how to spell it, but I THINK it's the coratid artery, but the spelling...


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