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Posted by lil slice of hell @ 06/12/2004 01:30 AM GMT-6
to plant the seed of order in the midst of chaos
well, yesterday kinda sucked ass. all week we've been cleaning the freakin house. I didn't sleep last night and i don't think I will tonight either. We installed a new stove in the kitchen because the old one crapped out on us. Went to coffe as usual. Sandra got into a fight with her brothers...

Posted by bvnwbabe @ 05/05/2004 05:39 PM GMT-6
parting is such a sweet sorrow
hello all my little tacos and hot dogs (girls and guys for you dumbbunnies)... i am here to say... that this blog is no longer YOU KILLED IT WITH YOUR POOR SENSELESS LIVES!! jk... nobody commented anymore and heck xangas are the new blogs! YAH! so go...

Posted by Blow a kiss @ 04/24/2004 11:34 AM GMT-6
Yea....everyone else is puttin this stuff in their here r my answers
*1. name: Lauren   *2. sex: Female   *3. birthday : January 1.1989   *4. hair color: Brown   *5. eye color:  Lightish brown   *6. writing hand: right   BODY ILLS & SKILLS   *8. can you roll your tongue :...

Posted by hello neighbor @ 04/21/2004 08:05 PM GMT-6
all about me!
*1. name: Chris   *2. sex: Male   *3. birthday : July 12, 1989   *4. hair color: brownish blonde   *5. eye color: Blue   *6. writing hand: left   BODY ILLS & SKILLS   *8. can you roll your tongue : ummm ya   *9. can you raise one eyebrow...

Posted by CandyLand @ 04/17/2004 11:31 AM GMT-6

Posted by checkitWreckit @ 04/17/2004 10:03 AM GMT-6
The new Stuff
I feel like I got hit by a bus. I just woke up and I ache all over. I slept so hard last night and I think I'm catching something so I'm feeling pretty miserable. I almost didn't make it out of bed this morning. I didn't even do anything extra active or body wearing last night. We preformed the...

Posted by Blog O' Brood @ 03/25/2004 10:06 AM GMT-6
Oo;; Oro?
Wow, I haven't blogged in awhile, have I? .................oh well.   I'm blogging now, and I guess that's what counts.  Hm..updates updates. Oh, the IDA thing last weekend totally ruled!  Erin and I ended up in finals, AND got fifth place.  Better than what we thought...

Posted by Sweet As Salt @ 02/23/2004 06:59 PM GMT-6
I MOVED!!!!!!!!
Thats right folks! I got a journal at! YAY for me!! just go here: The Untold Life of a Raving Lunatic it doesnt have a tag-board but you can leave me comments! Later!!

Posted by Pickle_Dore @ 02/17/2004 02:28 PM GMT-6
Guess What?!?!
hey guys!! i got a new journal thingy so here it is : ickledore/ i'll use that from now on so check there for my postings m k? thanx! xoxo nat

Posted by §ę§Passed Life§Ľ§ @ 07/11/2003 01:05 AM GMT-6
Love- Poem for Hungie (date unknown)
Love Ask meeh how much I mizz u n Iíll say, "I mizz u like da flower mizzez da sun." Ask meeh how much I adore u n Iíll say, "I adore u like a babie adore its teddy bear." Ask meeh how much I need u n Iíll say, "I need u like flame needz air." Ask meeh how much I think ov u n Iíll say,...


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