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Posted by WAH Bible Study @ 11/04/2004 03:03 PM GMT-8
Day 10 & 11 (Wed - Thursday)
Chapter Four When things go wrong, when you're worn out, used up, at the end of your rope and in pain, do you wonder if God is really there?  Does he know what you are going through?  Scripture assures us that God is El Roi, the God who sees.  Indeed He is there; He does know,...

Posted by nWhOtTaY2423 @ 10/05/2004 03:11 PM GMT11
Hey ya'll I got bored, so I'm gunna write another entry WOO i bet everyone is excited! Well yea uve all read the one on homecomnig...but still IT WAS AWESOME! especially cuz i got to go with pat! and well hannah and erica and monica and everyone else made it fun too! Yea well i finished up my hw...

Posted by badgerville-USA @ 09/19/2004 09:02 PM GMT-6
Why yes I would like to eiffel. Thanks for asking.
    Peopl e people look alive out there!!!       ; This site is ghetto.       ; Kelsey is listening to Ricky Martin....       ; *shake...

Posted by Domestic Cloud @ 09/17/2004 02:54 PM GMT-6
cleaning the house
Sheesh!!!!!  I got online and found a site  and now I am on a mission!!!!  Trouble is,  I started this routine thing only 3 days ago, and today I am backsliding a bit.  I am very tired though,  so that is my only excuse.  I am dressed to the shoes...

Posted by School Hater @ 09/16/2004 09:51 PM GMT-6
Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best...
As I’m sitting here typing this out, 3rd cup of mocha flavored ice Java beside me (mmm… coffee), I can’t get one thing off of my mind… you want to know what it is? I bet you DO. Yes… I KNOW you do. You want to know soooooooo bad, don’t you? You are dying to know… wait * doh*… I said "dying."...

Posted by Pieces of Me... @ 09/12/2004 11:35 PM GMT-6
You can't stop me from falling apart, cause my self-destruction is all your fault.
Alas, it has been only less than a single week, and yet you grieve my absence as if I have been gone for some eight or nine days to a far, remote location such as … Yellowstone, or some other secluded location. The o-so-adequate explanation for my nonattendance? – simple laziness. Tis true, for...

Posted by kurdtcobain @ 08/16/2004 05:39 PM GMT-8
Eating Peanuts, its really depressing
I forgot to mention my job status at Young Dragon: I am temporarily laid off. I got a job at Coin Mart, which I should be quiting soon I had a job interview today...with Country mart. I have wanted to work there for the past few years

Posted by MoonDancer @ 08/05/2004 12:27 PM GMT-6
Hey people!@ like my new blog? I'm seein if it works

Posted by Jen From A Block @ 08/01/2004 10:15 PM GMT-6
Blah Blah Blah
Edward Walker: Ivy, do your very best not to scream... Ivy: Why is it that you never speak your mind? Lucius: Why is it that you always speak yours? What good will it do to tell you that you consume my thoughts every second. That i cannot do my work becuase all i think about is you? And...

Posted by lil slice of hell @ 06/12/2004 01:30 AM GMT-6
to plant the seed of order in the midst of chaos
well, yesterday kinda sucked ass. all week we've been cleaning the freakin house. I didn't sleep last night and i don't think I will tonight either. We installed a new stove in the kitchen because the old one crapped out on us. Went to coffe as usual. Sandra got into a fight with her brothers...


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