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Posted by Free-2-be @ 02/04/2004 10:13 PM GMT-6
Why the Afro Man?
Afro Man was at Lunkers tonight.  Why? The Issue -- Laziness This gentleman clearly thinks he's got it made.  He sits in his big overstuffed chair, wearing his sunglasses, shaded by his umbrella, with his pink slippers and pina colada in his hand.  He doesn't have the energy to get...

Posted by indierocksteve! @ 01/25/2004 08:58 PM GMT-6
its been a while, lets start again.
i have missed you all. i hope it is the same from you to me. though i doubt anyone reads these. its a fine outlet. its my fine outlet.its been hard. its bean harder before. music is my outlet, but the words cannot capture my first thought and feeling. it brings me to tears to try to sing the words...

Posted by julias_hot @ 01/20/2004 08:38 AM GMT-8
sorry i haven't written forever! i just haven't felt like writing about all thats goin on. and plus i've been goin through a lot. my grades are so bad. its terrible. i can't stand being introuble for my GRADES! i've always been good in school. and now im not gettin good grades. guess im just...

Posted by outoftheheartflow @ 01/16/2004 01:23 AM GMT-6
a temporary end... (a contradiction??)
hey just a quick update.  i might not be writing for awhile, we'll see.  i just am not sure that what i would really want to write about at this time, most people would want to read or hear.  some of it i think would cause conflict, and other stuff i dont want shared with...

Posted by The Blog @ 01/03/2004 04:34 PM GMT-6
So what is my blog about?
I want this blog to represent my big picture, the wholeness of my journey as a person.  Is that specific and compelling enough to have any kind of audience?  I donít know.  Maybe over time the focus could be narrowed and defined more.  Maybe I could define it just according to...

Posted by AnotherTrustIssue @ 01/02/2004 01:32 AM GMT-6
wrists have broken
i need to get rid of this fucking pain somehow, i was alone , and i started bawling and i found a blade. so tempting. next time anything happens blade falls in line ... watever i hate everyone.... certainly kevin

Posted by .Rival.Prodigy. @ 12/29/2003 01:16 PM GMT-5
I Belive in me, but I must be a fool
Sorry I haven't written in so long Yesterday I went to the mall with Nikki, the darling. Jake, her boyfriend, was supposed to come. But he never shows. Go figure. poor Nikki. But we basically spent the whole time at Journey's with Gene and  Sean. It was so awesome. Later, Cole came in....

Posted by Breaking Free @ 12/17/2003 12:55 AM GMT-6
Song of the moment
This is a beautiful song from the tamil movie "Mughavari". Beautifully made without much pretentiousness and dramatization. Yei Nilave, yei Nilave Naan unnai thoda unnai thoda unnai thoda vinnai adaindhen Yei Nilave, yei Nilave Nee vinnai vittu mannai thottu kadalukkul pugundhu...

Posted by ColorfulTears @ 12/12/2003 05:47 PM GMT-6
feeling high
BA PROM TONIGHT!!!! <3333333333333333333333333 333333333 rockin'. I <3 P.

Posted by Okt03EuroBeertrip @ 11/27/2003 03:05 PM GMT-6
CHEAP airfare & beerfest!!!
I just ticketed for the ZBF beerfest (re-make of the now-defunct 24 Uur); $376 outta MSP; free digs in MSP to firt few travelers; I travel Feb 26 - Mar 11.  JOIN THE FUN!! here's the link


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