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Posted by danielle @ 04/17/2005 08:54 PM GMT-6
holy is the lord
Something amazing has happened. Corey has given his heart to Christ! Just when I thought even God couldn't take a heart like Corey's, he does. The last 2 weeks have been amazing! He is always talking about Him. I feel like God has finally used me in somebody else's life to spread the Word. It's...

Posted by mullets_rock @ 03/28/2005 12:10 PM GMT11
-take my hand, take my life-
Sooo.. i've officially learned heart ache.. Before, all i could think about was what I had lost.  Not now.  Now, I have something to look forward to.  To motivate me.  Its a blessing and a cursing.  The memories dont hurt me as much as they used to.  Before, all I...

Posted by jgstaff @ 02/01/2005 01:21 PM GMT-6
staff mtg change-of-venue
the staff mtg on 02Feb05 will be conducted at the Old Capitol Brewery, beginning at 5 PM. please note also to chat up our Valentine's Beer & Chocolate tasting: Confection Affection -- Beer and Chocolate Tasting When: Saturday, 02/12/2005 2:00 PM - Saturday, 02/12/2005...

Posted by .:twinkle toes:. @ 08/13/2004 12:06 PM GMT7
i wonder what it wld be like if i fell in love with a girl. i think a woman can love you in a way a man never can. with a kind of tenderness & empathy which is reciprocated in kind. heterosexual guys r lucky to be able to have the opportunity to find such a girl. & another...

Posted by Log: Derugo Nailo @ 08/03/2004 11:57 PM GMT-6
Ha! Thought you were rid of me didntcha!
Yo folks. Derugo is back. I've been gone for a long time, but I'm happy to tell you I'm back. I'll be trying to post in here again once I get back to myself again. Just seem to be having an off life. I'm at my dad's at the moment. Six hours away from my girlfriend which isn't all to pleasant. Yup,...

Posted by Barbara @ 08/02/2004 06:55 PM GMT-6
i'm so tired. i had to get up at 7 freaking 15 today. DRIVERS ED. it sucked. and guess what, i get to get up and drive at 6 IN THE MORNING TOMORROW.   i'm gonna die. anyway, its alright i guess. just super boring. em jess maeve and kate are in it tho. and one of the only hot guys...

Posted by theglovebox @ 06/19/2004 03:05 AM GMT-6
Be yourself.
Why is it that everyone wants to be something that they're not? The fat girls want to be skinny.  The skinny girls want bigger boobs.  The brunettes want to be blonde.  The blondes want so be seen as something other than dumb.  Those with curly hair spend hours straightening...

Posted by Feb04 BE Beertour @ 03/13/2004 01:00 AM GMT1
endgame: Brugge reprise->Utrecht->MSP->home
one very weary traveler reporting safe from home.... catch-up day monday in Antwerp; helped Chuck write an article on ZBF to show up in next issue of All About Beer mag.  probably good to do it co-operatively as he had a  very short deadline & it was an exellent example of the "2...

Posted by Sparkette's Blog @ 02/06/2004 12:40 AM GMT-6
Okay, so I'm really, really bored and can't sleep because sleep means tomorrow gets here faster and I don't want to go to work... I found this on I'm a pisces... Symbol: the Fish Ruling Planet: Jupiter / Neptune Ruling House: Twelfth House Element: Water Quality:...

Posted by shortiesbaby21 @ 02/05/2004 02:56 PM GMT-6
love n life isso CONFUSSIN anymore!!
well anyway nothing to much has been happeing. well on monday i didnt do anything. and then yestday i got my ears percied again and spent 30.00$ on earings and everything josh went to bed early so i watched tv and  nothing to much else. anyway at chruch jake was way mad at me cause tiffany...


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