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Posted by My Blog @ 06/08/2015 05:56 PM GMT-6
Society Isn't Right
 I understand that everybody's different and I totally respect it. What I don't understand is that people cover up their differences to make it seem that their the same as everyone else when were all different. Our society is messed up. Being skinny makes you beautiful,...

Posted by The Archivist @ 11/09/2009 01:10 AM GMT-6
Site Updates
We are officially in down-time. This is the time of year when reality hits home for most of us. The holidays are fast approaching, some jobs shift gears for this, and the weather is getting colder. That is for those of us in the northern regions like... IOWA!!! Of course the colder it becomes...

Posted by Cortney's B-L-O-G @ 03/02/2007 09:19 PM GMT-6
Silly Girl, Stupid Boy...A Poem About What Could Have But Was Never
Silly little girl Stupid, stubborn boy They thought they'd found love But it was just heartache She tried her best, she gave her all He just told her how it wasn't good enough She got mad, he got worse Until one day she packed & was gone They still tried to make things better She...

Posted by Vintage Rock @ 02/27/2007 11:01 AM GMT11
Goodbye, my friends...thanks for a good 5 year run!
        I really haven't been blogging much anymore...I guess I've been doing it for too long. For a critical period of time I felt like I couldn't relate with the people around me, so I resorted to computer geekiness to satisfy my need for companionship. One...

Posted by When I'm Old @ 11/02/2006 10:15 PM GMT-6
Waiting on...what?
John Mayer is wise.  He tells us: One day our generationIs gonna rule the population So we keep on waiting (waiting)Waiting on the world to change. Why are we waiting?  What are we waiting for?  I bet my father-in-law, a Vietnam veteran, never thought he would see a...

Posted by Vargas Girl @ 08/10/2006 10:55 PM GMT-8
Fire Ants---poem by Kristy Parker (me)
The emptiness invades me like a thousand fire ants, crawling into the lace sewed on the fringes of my underwear. I scratch at the itch that won't go away, not that way...because I can't reach it. And I've wanted to ask the boys who look at me that certain way to make it stop...but they...

Posted by Knkz Krazy World @ 05/22/2006 09:32 AM GMT-6
Loosen Up My Buttonz Baby....
I am so happy! Super duper times a thousand billion happy! Life is the happiest bestest ever!!!!!! Why? B/c dis weekend wuz da best weekend of my damn life for real! Ok then that is all sry so short but have creepy teacher stalker dude watching me (lol he sees this) so yeah peace in carnage...

Posted by The Redhat Report @ 03/07/2006 10:57 PM GMT-6
The Dubai Port Deal
The Lowdown A British based company, ferry and port operator P&O(The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) announces the possibility of a takeover deal on October 30, 2005. On November 29, 2005, it was that shown  that a company owned by the Dubai...

Posted by oofd in sensedout @ 12/13/2005 12:58 PM GMT-6
Latest Blogs
  Guess I got bored with this blog switched over to blogspot... http://www.ksmkumar.blogspot. com    

Posted by Cercle Francais @ 05/03/2005 02:03 PM GMT-6
Belgian Beer Fest, May21, Old Capitol Brewing
Tastey tastey Belgian beer event!  Tasting session plus beer banquet.  Yum. www.johnsgrocery for details, tix, and more.


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