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Posted by LostCause @ 02/07/2004 10:12 PM GMT-6
One thing that I have learned over the years is this: If you like someone then date them and dont tell anyone because people will start to get involved and try to stop you from being happy. So with that in mind..fuck you!

Posted by Fabiola Fraggle @ 02/01/2004 07:04 PM GMT-6
Busy Busy
Okay so woah Update in needed. My dad is paying for my car to get fixed if its 200 or less :D Score. Daddies can be nice sometimes. So, Monday ... GOt lots of things to do to do to do. I've gotta call a car place, get my aunt to send my Tax return, get My old bass to send my other Tax return, Go...

Posted by Nekdra @ 01/29/2004 09:43 PM GMT-6
Hmm thinking
Well I thought I was over the whole liking Nate thing but Im not the more I talk to him to more I long to be with him....I wish the jealousy that I have when he talks about girls he likes or how much he misses someone would be about me....But what am I dreaming....I need a life and to stop day...

Posted by CagedBird @ 01/28/2004 06:26 PM GMT-6
My Tummy Hurts!
My tummy really hurts. Blech. I don't know why. For dinner nothing sounded good to eat. I had an apple, yogurt, and then some ice cream. Healthy...  Haha. School sucks. I'm tired. I don't feel like writing anymore. Boo.

Posted by macguffin @ 01/26/2004 04:12 PM GMT-5
a balmy 77...
I noticed on the way to school this morning that something in the bank clock's display had frozen stuck & it was displaying a temp of 77 degrees, despite what the three inches of snow on the ground said to the contrary... Added another column from the school paper to the weird...

Posted by Anthony @ 01/11/2004 12:37 AM GMT-5
Oh Happy Days!
Well the past week or so has been so terrible i wanted to kill myself.  Staci broke up with me and it hurt so bad, i just wanted to die.  But then i started think positive. Dave and Adam took me out and got me really trashed. That actually made me realize i shouldnt care about her...

Posted by ¤Rachel Serenity¤ @ 01/10/2004 03:32 AM GMT-5
they say all good things must end.... =(
*Cuz i'm broken when i'm open, and i dont feel like i am strong enough* *Cuz i'm broken when i'm lonesome, and i dont feel right when your gone away* today was the day that me n ricky broke up. i lost my best friend and my love. i haven't had a single thought i my mind since i left his house. i...

Posted by 4yrNPMusic @ 01/07/2004 11:37 PM GMT-6
oh wow!
so it has been a super long time since i have written in this thing! its unbelieve able! there has been so much happeneing.....well well start with this....hannah i will be joining all the rest of the cool kids that will miss your presence in this country! and also on my mind... sarah...

Posted by Bailey's Blog @ 01/06/2004 06:30 AM GMT-6
Emptiness across the room
-looks through a window and shakes head at the mess- Looks like no one lives here, -raises one side of his mouth to a half smile- almost. -finds his key still under the doormat, he opens the door and enters the darkened, damp, and all around smelly room of shadows- Here I am again, for...

Posted by dj's place @ 12/31/2003 12:47 PM GMT-8
  "You shut your mouth, how can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am Human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does" Another tv show I watch! Sexy witches.. mmmm.... lol I am a lesbian if you haven't caught on now.


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