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Posted by punk thoughts @ 03/04/2004 05:46 PM GMT-5
...its been awhile...
Hey  well its been a long time since i wrote in this but since then new york called me once and ive called her a few times   her best friend has been havin some problems that she talked to me about but she is scared to tell new york about them  anyways i finnally got my xbox and...

Posted by mandala3222 @ 03/04/2004 04:44 PM GMT-5
Hey, it's okay...
To be drug free cause drug free's the way to be...hey, hey...  Sorry...Oh, Heather, Grandma and Grandpa are going to pick you up on Sunday because Dad has to work Saturday night. ...I'm crazy but I'm sober, shake til ya dislocate yur shoulda...  Oh, today was better because I woke up...

Posted by lil' Anne @ 03/01/2004 01:23 AM GMT-5
loads to update
Ok, so I officially do really suck and have been SERIOUSLY neglecting my blog...haha. Oh well...lets start with 2 weekends ago: the girls and I made a Ski Trip to "Western Michigan" was an amazing time...Meenda let me try out snowboarding and I offically made an ass out of myself, but...

Posted by Imperfection @ 02/28/2004 09:57 PM GMT-5
How can I stand here, and not be moved by you?
So I did end up going to the National Concert Band Festival. I made it just in time to here the Wind Symphony … and I was thoroughly impressed. I’m so glad all the kids had a great time, and that I got to see them enjoying themselves. Every one has much to be proud of. Then I stayed and watched the...

Posted by coRRuptioN_giRL06 @ 02/24/2004 08:50 PM GMT-5
my near-death experience ..
ok .. so today i'm talkin to melissa and i'm like "hey .. let's go get a smoothie" .. so she's like "hell yeah .." so i go over there and pick her up .. everything is going normal .. then we take a lil wrong turn .. oopsy .. heh .. so we get back on task .. and get behing this semi .. ehh .. i...

Posted by Mindless Rambling @ 02/24/2004 06:56 PM GMT-5
a good night, the best in a long timea new friend turned me on to an old favouritenothing better than a dealer who's highbe high, convince them to buywhat's my drug of choice?well, what have you got?i don't go brokeand i do it a lotseems so sick to the hypocrite normrunning their boring drillsbut...

Posted by mY BraIn sAys Hey @ 02/23/2004 06:48 PM GMT-5
im here dont worry
im here i havtn forgotten bout this thing so dont worry

Posted by sweetlilkimi @ 02/20/2004 01:18 PM GMT-8
RIP Jared Clay
"I kno now that i have 2 cheerish every day as it come and to whoever reads this.. you should 2. Jared was only 17 and still young like me. Carpe Diem " seize the day">

Posted by miranda @ 02/18/2004 02:28 AM GMT-6
Man, it's been a long week.  Technically speaking, Monday is my day off...but I spent the morning at Goodwill with some youth group girls searching for 80s clothing and spent the afternoon recording vocals for my CD with the one and only Josh Holmes.  I spent the evening hosting open mic...

Posted by Tinibini @ 02/10/2004 10:29 PM GMT-5
I think sam is pretending to be something else around me.  He's not like "fuck god" around me, maybe it's because he knows i believe in god. I don't know what it is, but I'm now getting the feeling that he's a completely different person when i'm not around. Maybe he's just using me. Maybe...


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