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Posted by Perturbedness @ 08/28/2004 08:01 AM GMT-5
Blogging about Blogs. Heh.
Hmmm... so tonight, this morning, this minute moment in time, however you'd like to phrase it, I decided to take a look at some other blogs circulating this world.. of blogginess. Namely I perused momentarily their list of their favorite blogs... and could immediately tell why these...

Posted by ireadbannedbooks @ 08/11/2004 08:54 PM GMT-5
Wow...  it's been a really long time since i blogged...  I guess i really only do it when I need to vent.  Well let's see...  I love working at Hacienda.  It's the most fun job that I've had, and that includes lifeguarding.  I have to go move out of my apartment this...

Posted by man its hot @ 08/02/2004 07:35 PM GMT-8
Guess who is back, i dont even care if any one reads this. This is my active Journal ers/a_rabbit

Posted by Zach Leis07Z.A.L @ 07/09/2004 09:32 PM GMT-6
Ashlee Simpson!
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Posted by Second Rounds @ 07/06/2004 11:05 PM GMT-6
The endless pit of self-guilt, destruction, and loooff...
Alright, I'm back and better than ever.  England was a blast...saw the nice castles, met the nice people, drank the nice wine, swam the nice beaches.  But on to more pressing matters.  The aforementioned endless pit of self-guilt, destruction, and loooff (Jason speak of love) and...

Posted by taintedyouth28 @ 07/03/2004 02:05 PM GMT-5
whoa ghosts!...
so..last night was..different. lol. after work i met danny, bradley, jeff, and AJ (2 of bradley and danny's friends) at Steak n Shake in clarksville. well..they were running a little behind and im just sitting in my car waiting when i see the two hottest emo guys ever. they park by me and get out...

Posted by The Muzakian @ 06/26/2004 11:37 AM GMT-6
I. got. in. to. New World!  Did I mention that there was only ONE flute opening?  AND that I'm a Freshman?  AND that I'll be playing piccolo?  Isn't that awesome?  Oh yes it is! So why did I name this entry "Bittersweet?"  Well, I'll have to leave IYWE, which...

Posted by My Life @ 06/24/2004 10:02 AM GMT-5
Nothing Going On
Today I don't have much to do. I'm gonna work on the laundry and try and get it finshed up. The rest of the house is in pretty good shape. I'm gonna try and work on my typing too. I plan to try and find a job once school starts. I need to get my speed up. I also need to weed my flower beds today....

Posted by BbAlLBaBe @ 06/06/2004 07:49 PM GMT-6
ScHoOlS OuT!!! SuMmEr Fun!!!
Hey guys!! I totally forgot i even had this thingy.. anyways.. schools finally out!! I am finally in highschool... i am so nervous yet really excited!! Especially for bball season.. that will be fun.. well the bad part about starting highschool is that i have absolutely zero classes with jess my...

Posted by di akhir garisan @ 05/06/2004 10:37 PM GMT-8
kerane ku sayang kamu
i love this song.. this song is dedicated to my parents,all my sisters, my beloved friends and to you... kerane ku sayang kamu Seandainya, kau ada disini denganku Mungkin ku tak sendiri Bayanganmu, yang selalu menemaniku Hiasi malam sepiku Kuingin bersama dirimu Ku tak akan pernah,...


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