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Posted by mudvayner13420 @ 05/14/2005 12:11 PM GMT-6
yo not been here for a while
it will all be ok i think . but anyways hey what the hell is up . but anyways i am gonna start posting on here again . but if i have issues i think im just gonna change my name on here its no biggie. but im gonna go config stuff ttyl...

Posted by Poetry @ 04/15/2005 02:37 AM GMT1
some days
some days are easier than others.some days are harder than others.some days require a few extra tearsand a few extra deep breaths.some days require a few extra smilesand a few extra jumps for joy.some days need a couple extra friends.some days one special friend is enough.some days are easier than...

Posted by Saphyne @ 03/04/2005 04:10 PM GMT-6
Why does life have to SUCK?????
So today sucked like major.  I don't know, I just started thinkin about shit I prolly shouldn'ta been thinkin about and I was talkin to Keith about my dad and all sorts of stupid shit that's happened in my life and I just got really depressed. *takes a breath*  Now I'm in my numb...

Posted by tlcyouth @ 03/01/2005 03:31 PM GMT-6
letter from phil
Here's the latest from our friend Phil in Iraq! FOB Warhorse, IRAQ 3 FEB 05 My dear friends at the Faucet, Miranda tells me that you guys are going to Idaho again this year.  Terrific!  It's great to have adventures like that when you're young.  You become such a more...

Posted by the deepest @ 02/14/2005 09:30 PM GMT-6
happy valentine's day
i think i'm going to quit writing in here because i have some sort of creative mental block about this blog. but happy valentine's day.

Posted by Just Natron @ 12/20/2004 07:02 PM GMT-5
I can't wait to move out of this house. That is all.

Posted by Guy Films quarter @ 12/14/2004 07:49 PM GMT-5
Last week it was announced that Jeremy and Kyle have formed a new movie company. The new group is to be called "Guy Films" Jeremy had this to say:"Kyle and I have decided to drop the whole 'group' idea and go on with a production company. We have already created two other films, the first being...

Posted by Dark meets Light @ 10/29/2004 06:04 PM GMT-5
Yea... so for some reason I've been kinda down lately... some songs to describe how i feel.... "Predictable" Something isn't right I can feel it again feel it again This isn't the first time That you left me waiting Sad excuses and false hopes high I saw this coming still I don't know why I...

Posted by Europa @ 09/20/2004 08:14 AM GMT4
Machine Love
I have a new website. It's THIS! Enjoi.

Posted by Perturbedness @ 08/28/2004 08:01 AM GMT-5
Blogging about Blogs. Heh.
Hmmm... so tonight, this morning, this minute moment in time, however you'd like to phrase it, I decided to take a look at some other blogs circulating this world.. of blogginess. Namely I perused momentarily their list of their favorite blogs... and could immediately tell why these...


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