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Posted by Tech Geek @ 03/22/2007 08:54 PM GMT-5
Open Source
While stumbling around the net I came accross a great list of open source programs.  I am a big supporter of open source so I suggest you check it out.  Open Source Windows

Posted by BIG SEXY @ 03/07/2007 06:39 PM GMT-5
Spiderman 3
I just saw the new 7 minute trailer and I am even more ready for this movie's release! They are doing a great job so far at generating hype for this movie, I haven't been this excited over a movie in a LONG time!!

Posted by Windows TidBits @ 07/10/2006 07:51 AM GMT-5
Did my absence cause your heart to grow fonder?  I doubt it... Anyway, since I haven't posted here for a long time, I figured I would get right to it...Fancy your own neon sign avatar?  This and many more useless graphics are available on Glass Giant.  Mostly used by the teenage...

Posted by Tuff Toe-Nail @ 04/26/2006 04:42 PM GMT-6
Brusha Brusha Brusha
Gwessa Whatta? I got a domain!  Yuppers, I do do do!  A gift from a friend!  Waasn't that just awesomely sweet of her?  SOOOOOOOOOOO...guessa what I am a doing-uh?  Learning...unsuccessfully at the moment actually, word press!  So what does that have to do with...

Posted by Joel and Lael @ 02/17/2006 02:36 PM GMT-6
Pictures Webpage
We are now on FlickrADD /photos/joelandlael/to your favorites.  Check 'em out often!Bunches of pictures of Brielle!

Posted by radio bekah @ 01/26/2006 08:38 PM GMT-5
wanna go out for a romantic dinner?
this is like my fifteen thousandth blog, i'm kind of addicted to them i have this system where i make them and get them all purrty and then post for like a month then i delete it. we'll see how it goes. so this pirate walks into a bar....

Posted by Journeys @ 10/27/2005 07:20 PM GMT-6
watching my life go by..
i'm wasting time.  there's a buncha homework i could/should be doing, but i hate starting and getting interrupted to go take care of my i'm just wasting that time. This past weekend, i went home.  it's the first time i've been home since being here.  Beth had a...

Posted by HOURGLASSASS85 @ 10/09/2005 07:26 PM GMT-8
you mad?
You Mad?   By Yana   I canít believe you snappen, not sure what happen but I know you mad. Ya man was out kinda late, but you mad? I really shouldnít blame you, even though you blame me. You blame me cause ya man ainít happy And he calls you a circumstance but that shit...

Posted by From Keith's Pen @ 09/22/2005 06:36 PM GMT-8
Chapter Two
Chapter Two ďAs you can see, Ms. Farmer is not with us today. She unfortunately will not be able to continue for the balance of the semester. I don't know all the details, but I have been asked to tell you that she had a family emergency, and has joined her parents on the west coast. She is...

Posted by Casket Ninjette @ 06/27/2005 11:39 PM GMT-5
Friday Is When You Left Me So I Drank Myself To Sleep
Meh... I typed a bunch of shit and hit the wrong button and lost it. Blah. Lets see, spent the last 3 days with Dane while I wasnt at work. Went Saturday night, stayed the night, Sunday night, stayed the night, and went today to give him the two Das Ich cd's I ordered for him. So yeah, He...


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