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Posted by Peaches_xO @ 11/30/2004 09:56 PM GMT-6
Tell me did the wind sweep you off you feet...
Well guys i have relocated to xanga .. .. .. My Xanga         ;    So long Blogdrive.

Posted by MyMind @ 11/15/2004 02:37 PM GMT-6
     Wow dose this totaly suck!  Atleast no one reads this and I can kinda vent without worry about stupid crap! Wanna know somethin.  I'm ditiching school! I hate it and there is no way I'm going back!  I'll die before I could ever go back! Only thing is that I...

Posted by Swimming4cga @ 11/15/2004 01:39 PM GMT-6
I WiSh I WeRe KiSsIng THe Sun
the kisses of the sun were sweet i didnt blink i let it in my eyes like an exotic dream        

Posted by brandi~leigh @ 10/26/2004 10:24 PM GMT-6
its been awhile so here goes.....
now i will tell you what i've done for you 50 thousand tears i've cried screaming deceiving and bleeding for you and you still won't hear me don't want your hand this time i'll save myself maybe i'll wake up for once not tormented daily defeated by you just when i thought i'd reached the...

Posted by Mootar's Asylum @ 10/24/2004 02:25 AM GMT-6
i broke up with jason
i broke up with jason tonight, there had been a number of problems, then with me being sick the last few days i have had a lot of time to think about it. he would not kiss me in public i knew it was over when at my place with sarah and her boyfriend watching a movie, i started making out with...

Posted by sweetnsour @ 10/16/2004 01:44 PM GMT-6
go to ?user=dumblondebiznatchhottay

Posted by you have no grace @ 10/14/2004 09:14 PM GMT-6
razorblade kisses
wow first entry in like a really long time... so like im really sick of like having a boring life, like i realize that like no matter how cool someones life is everyone pretty much has the same problems with their friends and stuff. but at least those people are like going to killer parties in...

Posted by SniperMuse @ 10/14/2004 04:53 AM GMT-6
It's Really Hard
I can only speculate about the last time anyone thought about the existence of this site, much less actually visited it. I'm not sure that anyone for whom this post has meaning will see it. I don't really consider that to be fortunate or unfortunate at this time. A lot has changed and been...

Posted by weapons @ 10/04/2004 10:36 PM GMT-6
moving..... so sad......
no more blogdrive for stephy poo.... livejournal is now my home.... VISIT ME!!!!  my livejournal        I still love you blogdrive... but... i don't know... ill miss you :(

Posted by haylohorns6979 @ 10/03/2004 08:59 AM GMT-6
disco dress
homecoming was yesterday it was fun i went there with : jenny,amanda,shannon,marc,and rob Rob was my date when i got there i was with sharon,krystin,ryan,jim and rob the whole time it was cool then after me and rob went to jennys and jenny and manda went to a party but came...


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