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Posted by Utopian Longings @ 01/09/2007 12:44 AM GMT-6
Another Attempt at Labeling the Stages of Religion
I have decided that the scheme I came up with last posting is still not quite what I need. Here is a revision:1) Traditional2) Reformist3) Liberal4) Progressive5) UniversalistThe main change I made was to discard "globalizing," insert "liberal" at stage 3, and move progressive up to stage 4. This...

Posted by Almost Valid Poet @ 01/04/2007 01:46 AM GMT-6
Me, You and My Medication
With much hubbub done and over with about the holidays, I finally find myself buying a ticket to visit home for a few days.  Funny how I couldn't manage to do so BEFORE the Christmas season. I wonder what that says about me.  Though I'm looking forward to seeing friends again, I wonder...

Posted by The mind of me @ 10/09/2006 07:20 PM GMT-6
Miserlou *SUPER NEEK!!!!* Satuday night was Grrrreat! Why you ask well be cause my buddie Time and I hung out...Not only that but his gf Anna was there too. We went out for foo then back to my place for a movie night. Posiden, remake of posiden adventure, sure does suck much ass! Well...

Posted by Chicago Adventure @ 07/24/2006 09:43 PM GMT-6
So I was looking online at wedding registeries and I'm amazed- Jonathan and I both fell in love with the same sheet set!!! I just hope that it hangs around until we get married haha :) It's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

Posted by Chickypie @ 04/21/2006 06:13 AM GMT11
Its been a looon loong time
Wow its been awhile since ive even looked at this thing. I must admit I was/am a myspace and facebook addict. Im soo happy that school is almost over (well for the summer at least). I will be done May 8th!!! I just want a vacation with no papers, studying, reading weird ass books, or nasty caf...

Posted by Diaryofamadwoman @ 03/15/2006 04:38 PM GMT-6
Letting out the noise inside of me...
...every window pane is shattering... I just found this blog after not using it in FOREVER.  think i might start writing in it again just for the H of it. changed the location to lettingoutthenoise.blogdrive.c om because i love that lyric by yellowcard... "letting out the noise inside of...

Posted by Mockingbird Bones @ 01/10/2006 08:16 PM GMT-6
Why can't I chose my crushes?
I just wrote a very pretty and poetic entry about how I'm torn between the man I love and am currently with, and the men who I'm infatuated with. Then it got deleted, so you'll have to deal with a coarse diatribe now. I have no intention of leaving my boyfriend. I'm madly in love with and...

Posted by Useless @ 12/07/2005 09:22 AM GMT-6
wow....maybe i might get back to this after all....
hey people izzy winfield back to this blog i guess um lets start on how life is going....kk.....anyways lifes has been kicking me in the ass lately with this christmas thing....i mean i don't got a dam job so i don't have moeny so no money no presents for anyone i love which really sucks ass and...

Posted by Close My Eyes @ 11/30/2005 10:39 PM GMT-8
don't know how i feel but i hope u feel the same. ive just broken every speed limit in your name
mood: procrastinating music: nada im supposed to be writing a paper right now.... but why should i? i feel like blogging. its funny how i go from one dependent relationship to another. all i know is that i have never felt the way that i feel right now and dammit i like it. "i don't know...

Posted by Misconceptions @ 11/28/2005 08:51 PM GMT-6
Life is horrible and I want to die. College applications are killing me.


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