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Posted by sunducky @ 02/29/2004 04:50 PM GMT-7
holy tiredness!
hey! i have never been so freakin tired in my life!!!  yup.  so anyways, i think andree must be dead or something. well as far as the boy situation goes, it just seems to be getting worse and worse.  the original guy that i've been whining about was kind of thinking of getting...

Posted by HISMISERYFORME @ 01/17/2004 01:30 PM GMT-7
i have been reading some of my prior entries and i've decided that i am one depressing dude. here is something less depressing to counter ballance the sad tone of my blog. this is something to be overjoyed about; something with a huorouse tinge to it. here we go. the Lord, despite my...

Posted by time after @ 01/03/2004 07:14 PM GMT-8
scariest day of my life.
omg, kay i wake up, eat, call jamie.. tell her i'll be therein like.. 15 minutes, n then i start my little adventure, but driving. now, i'm not a BAD driver, but i don't realy drive on snow, cuz my 'rents don't normally let me. ne ways, so i'm driving, and i take a right turn, and i like feel the...

Posted by Firelily's Pad @ 12/07/2003 11:59 AM GMT-8
Bra Shopping
Hello! sorry I haven't posted in so long, I have been busy with school and stuff. you know, life. yesterday we went bra  shopping, but nothing horibly exciting happened in the past weeks. anyway, i just thought that i should drop a line, you know. bye! oh, yeah,

Posted by Blue Moon @ 12/07/2003 10:44 AM GMT-8
Hello ^^
Yo, I'm Freya after the Norse Goddess. ^^ But some people call me Eva.

Posted by after time @ 12/06/2003 01:23 PM GMT-5
basketball filled day
yesterday was like all basketball-ish. it was way fun. our whole team wore our sweats/sweatshirts.. n my sweatshirt said 'duncansan' on the back so i couldn't wear it.. :/ so i just wore a soccer shirt. haha. after school we had basektball practice, and we 'scrimaged' the varsity, and they were so...

Posted by HelloMister @ 11/26/2003 06:28 PM GMT-7
Hey i havent been here forever haha. Ive had the best time since the last time i wrote in here. monday we got sent home from school cuz the heaters were out and me an heather were headed out to my 1st hour to use the phone there and to wait for my dad and woodrow comes running out!! OMFG! he has...

Posted by Mandy @ 10/29/2003 10:31 PM GMT-7
AwEsOmE DaY!
Today, Today was an awesome day! Joss and I talked so much and we were just awesomely gettin along. And tomorrow we're going to lunch and stuff and we might go trick or treating:D haha...I feel so bad for Gina tho cause she is SO SO SO in love with Jason still. Me and Joss are going to talk him...

Posted by Stoney Baord @ 09/17/2003 08:45 PM GMT-8
Up On the Count
On the Count. Its been a funny week this week. Nothing much has happend. just some fun stuff for me. I was so excited ot talk some cool people. I absolutely love the new James Taylor CD..... I recomend it Totaly.

Posted by smg96crg98 @ 08/26/2003 11:31 AM GMT-7
The days of our lives.........
It's been a while.  I confronted my boyfriend about all the crap, to no avail.  It's been over a year since all the confusion.  People make mistakes, people change.  I decided to let the sleeping dog lie, for now. The meeting in which my boss discusses my pay with...


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