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Posted by keeper4life22 @ 12/14/2003 03:57 PM GMT-5
Christmas Holidays
     Its exactly one week until my birthday. Exams are over, I've finished with straight As I think. A good fall semester. With the end of all this comes the beginning of the Christmas Break. Heck yeah baby. Unfortunately none of my friends are back in town yet, so the past few...

Posted by sigh @ 12/13/2003 11:00 PM GMT-6
woot woot.
I am sooo psyched about this movie. Jeremy Sumpter is sooo completely HOTT. LOL...and I'm going now.

Posted by sandra @ 12/12/2003 02:34 PM GMT-8
boring as hell
today was so boring!!!jess is totally upset cause i really didn't wanna stay with her and plus im supposed to be going christmas shopping,and shes really sad cause her brothers g/f is coming to spend tha night with her and she can't go nowhere i was gonna see if she could come over here but o...

Posted by ¤M y W o r d s¤ @ 12/10/2003 12:20 AM GMT-6
Man, ever since I started this blog, it's seemed sorda dreary. That's not me. So I decided ... that I'm gonna go back to my LiveJournal for the everyday stuff, and I'll write here when I want it to be more private ... or just when I'm mad. And so all of y'all who read this don't think I'm a...

Posted by WRETCHEDasian @ 12/09/2003 09:21 AM GMT-6
Ok, I wrote this huge long entry to add..and now it isn't I'm testing this to see if this one will work! Sarah

Posted by Head or Tails @ 12/04/2003 04:49 AM GMT-6
Jason: The Sad Clown | CMD: Nothing to report
Once again, I know its been almost 2 months since I last wrote ANYTHING in this poor, unkept Blog, I've been very busy yet chronically lazy. But I have came up with a new format of my blog, hopefully I won't get tired of writing and do like 2 or three....Its now entitled Heads And/Or Tails, but it...

Posted by DoomsDay @ 12/01/2003 08:51 AM GMT-6
Mall time woot!!
Hehe well its time for the mall today! Be there all day again.....Then after that ill prolly go to gregs and play some video games there if I can get a hold of him! And ashley is going today woot! oh yea! neways she called at 6:58! yea kinda early eh....Oh well lol at least she got me up if not I...

Posted by Bama-Breezy @ 11/26/2003 01:33 PM GMT-6
Back in Alabama.. and back in hell
Well all my fears were answered.. I'm not going down without a fight though.. my heart is breakin in my chest.. but for some ungodly reason i'm still hanging on to what i know will soon be over.. my heart won't let me let go.. I long to look in his eyes.. feel his touch.. taste his kiss.. but i...

Posted by Lost Moment @ 11/08/2003 02:39 PM GMT-6
It's a mad mad mad mad world
Well it's been a fun couple of days, and I haven't even caught up on the sleep yet. What's the date...  *looks*  So I last wrote Tues.  Wednesday was just another day.  I finally got around to going to the management and complaining about my coworker.  Didn't do a whole...

Posted by BlueMeanieBlog @ 11/06/2003 03:14 AM GMT-6
In case you guys aren't aware, I also have a website that I update very regularly, and the address is: fab4.  Stop by, sign the guestbook and/or message board and let me know what the deal is.  I love feedback.


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