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Posted by smelly @ 06/21/2004 05:28 PM GMT-8
you smell
ARGH puerto ricans smellso much. if you are indeed a puerto rican then im sorry but JEEZE take an efin show yano? smelly puerto rican=freddy g-man its ike daymn kid, do you smell your arm pits once in a while? buuut beggers cant be chosers. eh oh well anyway. felica got all up in my grill...

Posted by Through My Eyes @ 03/31/2004 10:49 PM GMT-6
Still here? Hmm.
Maybe this is better than Xanga. Let's see...

Posted by Emerge @ 03/31/2004 03:52 AM GMT-6
yeah i realize it's been a while since i've written in here.. i suppose it's the fact that i've been depressed. i don't think i've ever been depressed until recently. i've been depressed for a month and a half now. it sucks ass. it's retarded to not be able to allow your heart to love and be with...

Posted by Chris Velasquez @ 03/12/2004 03:45 PM GMT-6
im just me har har har
well well well kids i guess what im gonna do tonight... im gonna clean up my room till its clean... then im gonna chill out and maybe just maybe i can hang out with with a girl that ive been wanting to hang out with for quite a while... (start guessing right now... and yes that guess was wrong......

Posted by liesnlipstick @ 02/28/2004 05:22 PM GMT-6
goodbye ?user=yourdeadbarbie my new blog. yes i had to turn to xanga. i hate it but what can i say? i was desperate. so long, blogdrive...

Posted by French Manicured @ 02/21/2004 09:45 AM GMT-6
Sonic... woohoo..
I've been working. Yippeee.... ~.~ I HATE TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY HATE this job. I only like two of the car hops, Telena and Diane, and one cook, Red. ARGH *bangs head on wall* I made ten dollars in tips then had to give 6 of it back because I had to buy change. Then I dropped stuff, and made the...

Posted by Summer Daze @ 02/19/2004 10:23 PM GMT-6
Forgot about this place. ntjock88 I miss Erika.

Posted by CeCi @ 02/05/2004 04:41 PM GMT-6
A little better
Life's starting to get a little better. I have only cried once today. That was this morning because I didn't want to face the world, not after all the crying I did last night at least. I think my best friend is mad at me. I don't what I did or what to do about it either. I wish I could go back to...

Posted by Journal @ 02/03/2004 07:36 PM GMT-6
No1 Knows
Callie-   Hey gurl! It's been a long time since I have written to you so this will kinda be like a catch up journal entry.   I bet ur wondering why the title is No1 Knows. Well, you'll have to keep reading and then you'll eventually find out. Sry:(   I'm gona start off...

Posted by aUbAbIe627 @ 01/29/2004 07:41 PM GMT-6
* yeahh. tonight was awesome! *
tAlKiNg To: wAs Morgan .. dRiNk: nOtHiNg fOoD: nOt YeT !.. mUsIc: bLeSsEd UnIoN oF sOuLs - Let Me Be The One mOoD: pReTtY aWEsOMe !!! tHoUgHt: I hope he likes my notee =) andd i wish amy and km would get on.. qUoTe: Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living then I see your smile & I...


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