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Posted by the eerie silence @ 01/27/2004 08:27 PM GMT-10
live it up.
and then i realized it all. and came to a good conclusion. i used to break in two over you. faulty ass, god we had some fucking good times. move. stop. sit. take. wear. learn. eat. live. hit. break. steal. unravel. shoot. bitch. fuck. food. talk.

Posted by English 100 @ 01/22/2004 11:41 PM GMT-10
#4 Insomnia
     Lately I've been finding it rather hard to fall asleep at night.  I actually look forward to sleep (not just because of the obvious sleep) but more...because I look forward to what my dreams have in stored for me to tonight.  I love to have dreams,...

Posted by Sakura @ 01/21/2004 06:41 PM GMT-6
the thing in your underwear
"Bow to ME!!!"     "Bow to ME!!!" oh calluma oh calluma our home and native land..... hello danielle this is your blob speaking some brandy? adieu

Posted by Rosalia @ 01/18/2004 02:38 PM GMT-10
With all the moving that I've been doing I haven't updated for a while. Besides, they cut off Roadrunner already and won't be hooked back up til the next week Monday. I don't know if I can wait that long. If not, I can just go to my mom's house and use their computer. Well, for Christmas my...

Posted by Helika's Blog @ 01/06/2004 12:50 PM GMT-10
how the hell....?
i dont knwo how to use this thing... so look at my xanga and leave me some lovin there.  MUAH.

Posted by charbar @ 01/03/2004 07:20 PM GMT-10
E-mail Slam Book
I got this in an e-mail so I decided to fill it out. What did you do in 2003 that you'd never done before? Put my happiness before financial security. What date from 2003 will remain etched upon your memory, why? July 11, 2003...that's the day I left it all behind. What was your...

Posted by Legato @ 12/27/2003 03:43 PM GMT-10
Spur-of-the-moment poem.
Okay, the above-mentioned poem may be related to J.R.R. Tolkien's book THE HOBBIT, but the last part will be a bit confusing. See, I didn't get to a certain sect in the novel and just added my own ending. Here goes nothing.UNTITLEDby Lydia - engimaSifting through his mound of Gold,Glittering,...

Posted by Caity @ 12/22/2003 07:39 AM GMT-8
I Can NOT Keep Up w/this thing!
Lets see. Stuff has been pretty interesting around here as of late. Mom has sinus surgery today. My step dad got home yesterday. My real Dad was in the hospital again. He had an infection (in an uncomfortable place) and they just diagnosed him w/ Type 2 Diabetes. (Later on in life...

Posted by GTIRacerGuy @ 12/20/2003 05:14 AM GMT-10
Farewell Eric!
Today, I woke up and headed down to the shop in the evening.  Got off of work 7 in the morning so I ended up sleeping all day.  At the shop I cruised for a bit, then all the Racehouse Guys met up at Outback Steakhouse in Waipio for Eric's farewell dinner.  For those who don't know...

Posted by theffner @ 12/09/2003 07:47 PM GMT-10
whoo-hoo!!! i'm in san francisco!!! yay!!! so now i'm gonna stuff myself with good thai and chinese food while my friends here are enjoying that good belgian chocolate... ta!


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