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Posted by Action Jackson @ 01/30/2004 08:09 PM GMT-5
Tango Lessons?
I've been thinking about this and I really want to take some sort of exotic dance lesson. Like tango or swing (okay that's American) or something like salsa or ballroom dancing. At Girl Scouts tonight I was thinking of that Queer Eye episode where Jai taught that guy that dance move to try on his...

Posted by CT's Finest @ 01/30/2004 05:22 PM GMT-5
1-30-04 cont.
hey guys i just wanted to tell you that my email address on the side is wrong it is thanks.... *Kisses*

Posted by Heather @ 01/29/2004 07:35 PM GMT-5
Another boring day in my life...
Ok it wasn't that boring... I finished the shelf I was working on in carpentry. I still have to stain it though. I can't decide between a dark or a light stain though. Oh well I still have time to make up my mind. Today on the bus my juice was leaking in my backpack. I had to drink it but it still...

Posted by yellow mellow @ 01/29/2004 06:57 PM GMT-5
<marquee>cuz i wana be special</marquee>
new site [D_Toasts] <3 danie

Posted by Happy_endiings @ 01/28/2004 06:37 PM GMT-8
snazzy my ass.
fucking shit MAKES ME WRITE ENTRIES IN MY FRIENDS DIARY. psh.the oc is on and i find that quite important now.

Posted by lisa @ 01/28/2004 09:26 PM GMT-5
oh man.
my friend was trying to write an entry and she accidently wrote in mine. lmao but can i delete this entry? if so, how?

Posted by afterthestorm @ 01/28/2004 08:19 PM GMT-5
tonight i went online and shannon told me all i needed to know about some stuff for lit. that i didn't have notes on. shes awesome--what a lifesaver!!! *thanks shannon* =] then i called mandi and we quizzed each other and we both know everything really well..hopefully we'll do better than last time...

Posted by Days of my Life @ 01/28/2004 09:59 AM GMT-5
Everythings gettin betteer now but skool still sucks the same as a week ago. Im just used to it. Also wanna know anyone with a good voice, a bass guitar, or a lead guitar and some skill. Startin a band and anyone with any of those talents could be in it. I got a song and the band name is Anchorx....

Posted by Daily Input @ 01/28/2004 05:42 AM GMT-5
Early Snow
Woke up around 5 am randomly. I feel asleep for total exuastion around 11 last night. It's currently 19 degress. And then must be a foot of snow on the ground, which was not there when I fell asleep. I practied for about 2 hours with my band mates last night. Things just aren't going well for...

Posted by klindy11 @ 01/26/2004 05:56 PM GMT-5
My optimism blinds me no more
Maybe I am just cynical towards men.  I think that I let my guard down too soon and find myself utterly disappointed at a mans inability to be a man, or claim any responsability for his actions.  It is all too common for them to fall back on easy excuses to get out of something that they...


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