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Posted by ChErRy SoDa @ 04/14/2004 04:05 PM GMT-5
i wanna lllick u from ya head to ya toessss
god, im so good looking . i just dont get it...i mean why arent other people as good looking as i am...too bad for them..ok, news on the danny front: i cant forget him..i convince myself all week that im not gonna like danny anymore and i actually believe it, but then BAM he smiles at me..ok, and...

Posted by Back to Child @ 04/04/2004 02:21 PM GMT-5
As Broken as I am...
Listening to: The Starting Line -A Goodnight's Sleep -and i hope for your sake that you dont wake up, as broken as i am- If there's one thing that Ive realized this's that it's better just to live in the moment. If you're not always worrying about the future or the past, sometimes...

Posted by Abysmal @ 04/01/2004 11:14 PM GMT-5
hey all im really bored just putting some shit down for kicks and such. first time i tried this it got deleted u motherfucker....ROAR!!!! oh well well hey april 10th breakset and someother bitch ass punks r playing at moose lodge all your candy asses better be their to see me shirtless licking my...

Posted by twins @ 03/30/2004 10:08 PM GMT-5
does anyone read this anymore?
i ditto nicole and i hate sam.... alot though i havent talked to either all day and that makes me a sad panda.. heres a picture of krimp.. a picture of ric a picture of sam and a picture of all of us sorry they are so massive. but hey they are up. *tips hat

Posted by Magnetic Poetry @ 03/19/2004 02:08 PM GMT-8
Life. Medicine. Miracles.
I'm bored...Sorry for not writing last night, but I was in the emergency room. Myself as in I. Yep! I had to give blood. In the news this mroning some girl(ten years old) killed all her classmates by telling them it was candy, but really drugs! Current Mood: Hyper Current Music: Bowling for...

Posted by AllieOoPs23 @ 03/22/2004 07:02 PM GMT-5
-*-Better day :) -*-
Hey everyone what's shakin? Bored over here. I just cleaned out my closet, wow what a mess that was! ahhhh. Junk everywhere, i thre out alot of stuff. So my mom is in a better mood today, thank god! lol. And nothing really exiciting going on this week I guess or maybe I don't know. Well lets hope I...

Posted by Broken Moments @ 03/21/2004 05:41 PM GMT-5
*I wrote this last night, no title..but im not posting the whole thing. ..... leave my heart begginf and bleeding but not so broken as before leave my mind bent, i cant love you as much as i do maybe in the morning this will all be gone just an aftertatse left on my...

Posted by somthingcalldlife @ 03/20/2004 12:13 PM GMT-5
'Fudged in the Head' PLEASE VOTE!!! What Type of Lunatic are You? brought to you by Quizilla Reference: Results...

Posted by Jukebox Breakdown @ 03/16/2004 07:44 PM GMT-5
just wrote a whole entry and erased it. what the fuck. arggggh i hate computers. ill do this again later.

Posted by Elementxxx666 @ 03/03/2004 01:42 PM GMT-5
But... oh so sweet
Today was has been great so far, i have been laughing and smiling all day, im laughing as i write this just because today has been so funny... first off will crashed at my house last nite and we went to court this morning, which was so awsome.... i seriously love black people funnest people in the...


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