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Posted by A Story of a Girl @ 02/03/2004 07:42 AM GMT-7
Guess Who's Back. Back Again.
Yes, lovers! I am back! Mwahaha! So I shall be writing pretty regularly! Maybe even add some of my millefacent poems, if you are oh-so-lucky! But fer now, just posta your little messages, and let moi, your Goddess/Princess/Angel/Queen/B rat (Not really)/Awesome Ruler of ALL read them. Because no one...

Posted by The Hunger @ 01/31/2004 05:51 PM GMT-7
The New way of thinking
I have decided to use this blog not so much as a tool for my thoughts but as a news and information posting. THis entry is just a test to see if blogdrive and the ftp settings are going to work. If they do then you should be able to click here and see the blog on my website. hmmm.. that...

Posted by leo @ 01/26/2004 03:50 PM GMT-8
Hey! whats up!! go here! it is really cool! ~moe

Posted by Dreamer's Death @ 01/21/2004 09:52 AM GMT-6
Been A Long While
Hmmm ok so I haven't made an entry in a while. Sorry ya'll...So yesterday was tons o' fun. Felicia, Ivy and I ditched all day and just kinda cruised around town...well we did bamboozle Kane and Panda's cars and bought a sticker at the mall....It was awsome. But yes I am jinxed so my day got worse...

Posted by The Devil Inside @ 01/14/2004 07:14 PM GMT-7
Just another day in Colorado
School, dentists, people avoiding me, and best of all people who are just DYING to get me sick. My dear mother has a cold and is just trying to give it to me, a two of my friends got something too and they seem to turn my way when they cough... go figure. Why do people not like me so much? Then...

Posted by ThUgMaMi @ 01/14/2004 03:55 PM GMT-7
DiS iS 4 Ra3 Ra3
*Well not much has gone down up in da Widefield area. And well rachel just told me her and stephen broke up....the ? is..when did they even go out?! LoL. Well school is going ok..Boring as usuall. I've been talkin to an old Mesa Ridge student (don) he's really cool..I thought he was an ass before...

Posted by Forgotten Dreams @ 01/13/2004 08:15 PM GMT-8
.:There is no title:.
I dont even think that anyone reads this anymore..But I figured that I would update, just incase anyone wanted to hear from me..I got a job a while back and just recently I put some money down on my car..And I havent really been doing much but working and spending time with Matt.He doesnt like the...

Posted by My Diary @ 01/07/2004 03:46 AM GMT-7
Because You couldnt Stop the drinking
Because you could not stop the drinking, another person had to die Because you didnt have a designated driver, another family didnt get to say goodbye You cut her life short and took her away from her family and friends This is not how the story is suppose to go, this shouldnt be the way it...

Posted by Poet's Nightmare @ 12/28/2003 11:00 AM GMT-7
Not A Poem
Ok ya'll here's the deal. My parents have become a bit more evil as of late and have told me that I'm not allowed to write depressing poetry anymore. Thus I have to remove any and all poetry from their sight. I'm gonna leave this up but since I can't write anymore...nothing new will be posted. I'm...

Posted by The Shortdog Blog @ 12/24/2003 11:20 AM GMT-7
I'm Back
Dear God NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A sign of the apacolyps tory/sm_849530.html?menu=news. quirkies Foul Play was not suspected by Foul smell tipped them off /story/sm_848148.html?menu=new s.weirdworld.badtaste And I thought country hicks in Arkansas...


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