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Posted by Bananassauro @ 04/16/2004 02:47 AM GMT-7
Aprendendo o português
Os nisseis da minha geração levavam um choque quando entravam no primeiro ano da escola primária. Na época, não tinha jardim da infância ou pré-primário, pelo menos na minha cidadezinha. Sem as novelas da Globo (nem as da Tupi ou da Excelsior, que foram as primeiras), enclausurado no meio da...

Posted by VALENTI @ 04/12/2004 08:34 PM GMT-7
Why not Colorado, tell me, why not Colorado??
AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!! Okay, Okay, I took this huge hiatus (sp?) from blogging, yes yes I know that's a horrible thing to do, but I'm back now, and angry. 1st off- -I can't get this HTML thing down. I've finally conjured up the time to make this entry, and I'm thankful for that, but...

Posted by My Rants @ 04/03/2004 11:33 AM GMT-7
dreams are so wierd
I had another sex dream last night.  I swear, I'm worse than a man. LOL!! In my dream, Ken and I took the boys to a hotel that had all sorts of cool things to do. Kind of like Disneyland, but in one building, and in NYC. lol *dreams rock*  Anyway, we were there with 3 of his coworkers...

Posted by Stark Raving Mad @ 03/22/2004 04:50 PM GMT-7
Last notice Last time I'm gonna say it. Go there and sign up on my mailing list if you want to know what's up.

Posted by blood Mazcara @ 03/06/2004 08:39 PM GMT-7
What i feel.
Tiny Tears of dissapointment  TIny tears of just one moment One persons low opinion makes me feel like just not living  Tiny tears of my anger Tiny tears of a cliff hanger Tiny tears dropping to my frown Tiny tears of ebing let down Why do i have to feel this...

Posted by grant @ 03/03/2004 11:39 PM GMT-7
No more bloggin'
So I decided I won't really be running this blog much (big suprise) and instead I opened up an account over at Deviant art.  If you want to check out my stuff head to http://graphicgrant.deviantart .com

Posted by For Us! @ 03/01/2004 12:24 PM GMT-7
What to do???
This is jsut me ranting about how I feel! I am completly overwhelmed withthe amount of school work and personal work I have to do! I feel as though I don't have a minuet to myself anymore! I wish that I could say things are going to get better right away...but I think that they are going to stay...

Posted by Blinded By Tears @ 02/14/2004 10:39 AM GMT-7
Valentine's Day
First off, Happy valentines day to everyone. So far this day has been...interesting. My mom went out on a date last night at 7:30pm and didnt come home until 9am today. My little sister has been sick and throwing up all morning, I started my peroid, My oldest sister said my school called and said i...

Posted by Confirmandi @ 02/13/2004 08:43 PM GMT-7
Long time no speak...
     Sorry, anyone out there. And sorry to myself. I haven’t been keeping up with Confirmandi. I’ve been keeping up with my faith, or trying, at least (I was so proud of myself. Snow canceled class a couple weeks ago and I actually tried to give myself the lesson and a little...

Posted by K-chan's Diary @ 02/06/2004 06:50 PM GMT-7
Valentines Day!... not here yet. *grin*
Ah, hi! Valentines day is near, my friends. And you know what that means... NOTHING! I seriously doubt I have 'secret admirers' or whatever. As you know, I'm a romantic at heart, so this really bothers me. Amara has a whole crowd of boys after her, but she says they're all ugly, and...


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