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Posted by Heavenly Hell @ 02/03/2005 10:54 AM GMT-7
River ran dry Tears emptied out Cheeks glistening Stars in her eyes Smile painted on Porcelain skin Her safety net Another mask Can’t let you in Can’t let you see The real her

Posted by Suzi Q's @ 01/16/2005 01:14 AM GMT-8
.: Hello again:.
   I'm over at my friend's house tonight.  She invited me to a hang out party.  i haven't seen cherie and nate in 2 weeks, which is normal for me, cause to me it's better that way.  i know that they don't mind me over here and shit like that, but sometimes they need...

Posted by strobelight @ 11/29/2004 05:06 PM GMT-7
Turkey time
Sorry for the absence everyone!  I have been very busy and then out of town for awhile.  Thanksgiving break just ended, but it was a WONDERFUL break from school/work.  I got to go home to the Springs and see my parents' new house for the first time since it was just a bunch of...

Posted by Denver Dive @ 11/14/2004 02:22 PM GMT-7
Bannock St. Garage
Bannock St.  Garage 10th and Bannock Denver Alright...So I've found a new favorite bar.  I'm not even sure if I will be reviewing any more bars because I don't know if I'll ever leave this one.  I found this bar because my favorite bartender John moved from Cap City to this...

Posted by The angry Drumerr @ 11/11/2004 03:25 PM GMT-7
Let me bring you up to date, i play drums in a band called TALL, and last night we played in a battle of the bands at one of the local high schools. While we were on stage, i just had a feeling. The shit was electrical, magical even. We ended up tying for third, but for it being out first gig,...

Posted by ThisisMyDecember @ 09/09/2004 04:07 PM GMT-6
Getting back on track
   Well I gained more weight but I am getting back on track.  I can feel myself loosing. When I get out of bed in the morning I feel more empty w/ each day.  This is making me happy.  There really is no better way than ANA.   I've kind of been playing my doctor to...

Posted by Sonic's Journal @ 08/24/2004 12:34 PM GMT-7
i love monica
sup everybody, i am deeply in love with the most perfect woman in the universe, and it is impossible to describe how much i love her, her name is monica, i love you monica

Posted by Idol Enthusiast @ 05/02/2004 01:55 PM GMT-7
"Idol" like politics idol4all/petition.html Petition to open Pop Idol contests to all ages. Sign if it interests you.

Posted by IB Slo @ 04/19/2004 11:04 PM GMT-7
Mondays are the bane of my existence
Un mois. C'est ça. Un temps très court, mais trop longue. Je veux que demain était le 19 mai. Mais, demain est seule 20 avril. Un mois. C'est ça. Alrighty enough with French. Don't know what the purpose of that was, at all. Nor do I know the purpose of me writing in here right now. I think...

Posted by Polka Party @ 04/18/2004 04:33 PM GMT-7
Reading Reading Reading Machine
Today, I finished a book called She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. I actually started reading it last semester but misplaced it, as I do many things. When I found it, during the "Great Reorganization" of my room, I was so excited. I started it again and then remembered how depressing it really is....


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