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Posted by shipping lanes @ 10/04/2011 01:45 AM GMT-7
The Keepers of the Shipping Lanes-A tale of a space industrial city
Tuesday October 4th 2011Keepers of the Shipping Lanes: A Tale of a Space Industrial City Hovering on the outer rim of the solar system is a little world tucked away. At arms reach it is as surreal as it is real and there are many visitors but most cannot...

Posted by art engine @ 05/25/2006 04:32 AM GMT-7
The Art Engine Room
Hello I am moth...Some know me as Dimitri Spanoa This is the art engine room. Below is the art engine essay   the art engine   the art engine an essay by moth- the advancement of anthropology on the new frontiers of technology media and the evolving of the neural network. It...

Posted by Dimitri Spanoa @ 05/23/2006 04:12 AM GMT-7
A Splash Of Poetry
The Enemy of Your Deepest Selfthe cocoon is unraveling and for this whole time your eyes have been exposed to a small box it is fuzzy and grey but you can see it is a broadcast that has been telling you who you are for quite some time it was what you were weaned off ofyou watched as it taught you...

Posted by Jubs Thoughts @ 11/25/2005 04:21 AM GMT-7
My wondering mind...
So I'm sitting here just thinking about the holidays... I don't know if things can get any worse than this year is going to be... I'm by no means asking for it to get worse but it really does suck thinking about it all... I'm not working I cant buy anyone shit this year and I hate it... I don't...

Posted by Someday's Dreamer @ 10/22/2005 11:09 PM GMT-7
20 million years later
o_o; I'm suprised at myself. I'm bored, so I decided to update this thing or something. O_o; I feel bad having Kagome type all the time. v_v I'm a little disoriented right now 'cause of all the crap. XP Oh well. I don't really want to complain. I do it too much it seems. >.> Course maybe it's just...

Posted by tdanielled @ 09/05/2005 12:05 AM GMT-7
Intro - I'm Bored
Aww, look.  It's a really bad pic of my bf (Jerry) and me.  I know everyone cares, so I thought I'd post it. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here around midnight, bored.  The boy and I have been fighting, sorta ... mainly just stupid crap.  Apparently we just like to tick eachother...

Posted by *My Thoughts* @ 06/29/2005 06:01 PM GMT-7
update here...i went to asian camp 2 weekends ago, pictures in friendster, too lazy to post in goin to ny for july 4th, im not excited. im leavin on friday and coming back on wednesday. i got my teeth cleaned today, my gum was bleeding.and something more happened, i would love to write...

Posted by Lauren @ 06/14/2005 04:48 PM GMT-7
Damn, I feel special for having gotten Lauren as an account name for BlogDrive. I've gotten so many e-mails from them that have indicated that people have tried to change the password for this page (in order to use the name Lauren!). In fact, I got one of those e-mails not 40 minutes ago, which...

Posted by Heavenly Hell @ 02/03/2005 10:54 AM GMT-7
River ran dry Tears emptied out Cheeks glistening Stars in her eyes Smile painted on Porcelain skin Her safety net Another mask Canít let you in Canít let you see The real her

Posted by Suzi Q's @ 01/16/2005 01:14 AM GMT-8
.: Hello again:.
   I'm over at my friend's house tonight.  She invited me to a hang out party.  i haven't seen cherie and nate in 2 weeks, which is normal for me, cause to me it's better that way.  i know that they don't mind me over here and shit like that, but sometimes they need...


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