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Posted by Jour 250 Class @ 04/07/2016 04:58 PM GMT-8
Where I will be in 10 years
It’s hard to think about where I will be in ten years mainly because thinking about the future scares me. As I am about to graduate, I know that in order to be set in a career by the time I’m thirty I have to start thinking about my goals for...

Posted by Lost in Paradise @ 02/27/2016 05:52 PM GMT-8
Wedding Blues
A month has gone by and still there has been no email from our caterer. Were supposed to get married in 3 months and we have nothing but a location, preacher, and photographer booked for this shindig! I wasn't even stressing before on it because I thought "Ok! We have my dress, his sisters dress,...

Posted by ManusiaBiasa @ 02/09/2016 05:54 AM GMT-8
Untuk dapat menikmati hidup, hal terpenting yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah menjadi SADAR. Inti kepemimpinan adalah kesadaran. Inti spiritualitas juga adalah kesadaran. Banyak orang yang menjalani hidup ini dalam keadaan ''tertidur.' ' Mereka lahir, tumbuh, menikah, mencari nafkah,...

Posted by Sharon @ 02/07/2016 08:57 AM GMT-8
Adventures in dating
I talked to this guy on the phone for a couple of hours.  Very interesting, funny, had me laughing, all was good.We met for a bite to eat.  He talked so fast I kept having to ask him to repeat himself.  Okay, maybe he was nervous.He left his phone in his truck then went...

Posted by Rich's Blog @ 12/13/2015 09:52 PM GMT-8
Cheese of the World
800x600 Subje ct Matter:  Exploring Cheeses of the WorldLesson Objective:  Introduce students to the cheeses of the world and how it is made.  Student will learn the different types of milk and the significance of homogenization and pasteurization, the cheese making...

Posted by gas bike @ 11/18/2015 02:06 PM GMT-8
Motorized Bicycle's
Once you've discovered the ideal preparing course, direct an arrangement of 2 x 20-minute interims at lactate limit pace, which will you dial in your 40K time-trial speed. The normal rate you can hold for every 20-minute session nearly associates to your current 40K race pace. On the off...

Posted by RealityBasketball @ 11/06/2015 09:53 AM GMT-6
D. Rose vs. Russell Westbrook
So I read an interesting article yesterday from CBS Sports talking about how the matchup between Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook isn't as stellar as it used to be. The main change has been the regression of Rose due to the crazy number of injuries he's sustained since his MVP year. Now...

Posted by XxSnOoK3mZxX @ 10/03/2015 11:01 AM GMT-6
I just don't understand how parents can treat their own kids so coldly. Again issues with my in laws and I guess I just need to stop worrying about it and getting worked up because they won't change. We borrowed money from them, because we needed help, they say they are always there to help and...

Posted by hairvolume @ 09/04/2015 04:38 PM GMT-8
thinning hair
When thinning hair You know it's a smart thought to utilize a conditioner at whatever point you wash your hair. Not just does it detangle, a great conditioner will likewise shield your hair from the warmth of blow dryers, level irons, and twisting wands. Conditioners work to sustain your...

Posted by the unsuspected @ 09/02/2015 12:12 AM GMT-8
Eons later...
Wow. I forgot about this blog too. I can't believe it still exists. It seems we have all gone separate ways, and yet, in some strange way, we are all still connected... And what have we all done with our lives?


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