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Posted by meanderings @ 03/12/2010 10:28 AM GMT0
Long Live the Queen...
Ba ck to the blogosphere for's been quite a while, but I sometimes feel that I need to express myself more than a 2-3 sentence facebook status update allows  and I fear that online communication is going the way of the illiterate and attention deficit world...

Posted by Made Up Stuff @ 01/28/2010 12:02 AM GMT0
Diary Of A Bad Lad is...
squeamish, greasy, funny and thought-provoking. Better than Blair Witch.

Posted by Shirley: journal @ 10/22/2009 12:36 AM GMT0
Learning Through Technology
During the revision of the degree course formerly known as BA (Hons) Learning Technology Research, the team was asked to find a new, more marketable name. The students starting from September 2009 are now studying Learning Through Technology. Possible names included: Professional Studies......

Posted by messed up world @ 08/20/2009 11:04 PM GMT0
He reyes, she's on the dark side
He stands at the window, a dim reflection in the glass. He gazed through the floor to ceiling panes, drinking in the bustling City below, Teralis, the capital of an expanding empire. Even at this unholy hour he could see a flood of people moving in the harsh neon glare of the many-hued lights....

Posted by ncsbusiness @ 03/09/2009 07:38 AM GMT-8
New College Business Blog coming soon
New College Business Blog coming soon

Posted by XORA RETURNS @ 02/28/2009 11:16 AM GMT0
Random thoughts in my head this morning as I wait for Sayang and Leelwan to return from Leelwan's ballet class.They don't make kiddie movies like they used to when I was younger.  To think Leelwan enjoys what I used to enjoy like Matilda and Little Rascals.  She's also loves American Tail...

Posted by theophilus @ 02/07/2009 09:16 AM GMT-8
If I kill myself, I would like a certain type of sending off. I do not want a funeral; I don't want people looking into my casket.I do not want any weird unnecessary memorial service for me.I prefer strangers to handle my cremation and everything else.I do not want an obituary.I do not want anyone...

Posted by Advocates @ 01/29/2009 09:17 PM GMT0
Advocate Role
Guidance from the IDIBL project (web link)

Posted by `maRdhiYah-cHan @ 12/28/2008 02:51 PM GMT7
hello and goodbye.
goodbye 2008, 1429H. and hello 2009, 1430H. today is the last day of 1429H. hopefully the ending year brought a lot of happy memories and from it we learnt heaps of experiences, both good and bad.. i hope to take time to muhasabah and ponder on the things that ive done throughout the year and...

Posted by The Life Inside @ 08/29/2008 11:43 AM GMT1
All Grown Up
My baby girl is all grown up. She is now 13months and coming on so well. She is cruising around the furniture and babbling loads. She can say 'row row row boat' 'hiya' 'bye' 'uh oh' and the usual mom, dad, nan. She is into everything as you can expect and loves her big brother Morgan loads. Her is...


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