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United Arab Emirate


Posted by madamx @ 01/17/2004 05:18 PM GMT4
PART 4 >>>>>by SS
Pwitty lady looked down upon the serence face and thought to herself, 'He lies here peaceful and quite. How I wish I could wake him up, talk to him, and know why he ventured forth onto our land.' Pwitty lady then calls upon her guards,"Call upon the Sorceress. Tell her that I need her to be...

Posted by shadds @ 11/21/2003 05:59 PM GMT-5
 today mom had meeting wit some teachers they all lie i hate them all we won the food drive came home got bored stayed bored typing this stuff and i dont feel like it so...

Posted by arezoo @ 08/21/2003 04:07 PM GMT3.5
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