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Trinidad and Tobago


Posted by sadface @ 01/02/2011 10:08 AM GMT4.5
I dont have any dreams anymore.
years have gone and o god the things i have done  promises ive almost fucking 20..thats life for  you..all that resolve for nothing its to have a meaning just say what u have to say and not atall the same  person  cannot atall give one fuck..incapable of...

Posted by Panty Ranting @ 08/31/2009 02:29 AM GMT0
Cheesecake In Disguise
I arrived in beautiful sunny London at six o' clock in the morning on August 30th. The temperature was a blistering ten degrees centigrade and my cheeks and nose were frozen, and little needles of cold were insinuating their way under my fingernails. Upon arrival at my aunt's house, I fell...

Posted by Splitting Hairs @ 09/18/2008 12:40 PM GMT-4
Well, here I am again in England. Here I stay for a glorious month while my parents are frolicking about in France. Of course they refused to take me, because what possible use could I, the trilingual unemployed former student, be in France? I'll never understand their logic, you know. I am here...

Posted by Rot of Midgard @ 09/18/2007 11:34 PM GMT-4
Moments Before
Written for somebody. Somebody I'd love nothing more than to stab to death right about now.   Moments beforeThese clothes I wearLay on the floorWith my despair. Moments beforeThe shower floorWas warm with you,And I was too. Moments beforeThis bed of mineWas filled with youAnd so was...

Posted by Stuperman4 @ 05/09/2004 04:39 PM GMT-5
yo yo yo
What a lazy ass i am. haha.  Havnt wrote in here for a whille. Anyway.  Stuff has been pretty good. Nothing special. The past week we had try outs for Lancaster Firebirds travel team.  They whent ok.  Did good the first try out and then whent down from there.  By the...

Posted by Patty's page @ 04/02/2004 02:27 PM GMT-6
Ah fed up wit dis....
I've got absolutely nothing to say. Hey Ani!!!

Posted by Confused Soul @ 09/03/2003 01:22 PM GMT-4
Fluorescent Colored Theory
So tuesday when we were sitting on the beach me bailey and vashti came across an interesting discovery.. ever notice how there are some people who insist on wearing fluorescent colored bathing suits that can blind the average man from a distance??.. Well.. also ever wonder why most children wear...

Posted by MacoCentral @ 09/03/2003 01:11 PM GMT-4
Here we go again
So ray i see we are trying this blog thingy again. Hopefully it will receive abit more support than the last one. Good luck!


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