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Posted by FASHION LAW @ 04/28/2016 02:10 AM GMT-8

Posted by Clichés @ 10/10/2006 11:38 AM GMT1
La Compagnie des Tartes
Restaurant in Tourtour, France

Posted by DIREITOEECONOMIA @ 08/28/2006 12:24 PM GMT0
CASOS PRÁTICOS  Enquadrados&nb sp;  Introdução ao Estudo do Direito e Teoria Geral do Direito Civil   Não se pretende dar uma resposta sucinta às perguntas postas nos casos práticos, mas apresentar um "framework" de resposta. As respostas devem ter uma sequência, devendo o...

Posted by Xr's Blog @ 12/07/2004 04:03 PM GMT1
Thunderbird 1.0
Enfin, Thunderbird est passé en 1.0. Et... euh... c'est tout, je l'ai pas testé, mais si vous vous trainez toujours la chose de Microsoft, il est peut-être temps de changer ;) Click

Posted by mspakipot @ 11/18/2004 05:54 PM GMT-8

Posted by sweetsmile @ 06/03/2004 08:40 AM GMT-8
no more deutch!!!
Hey guys, guess what?!? I passed my deutch exam!!! It's a pretty good news. I think those exams look worse than they really are. I could be wrong but it's my impression. Oh and other good news I found a job!!! I'll work in a grocery store during august and then I'll start english russian in...

Posted by Afrodite @ 04/19/2004 02:50 PM GMT1
I'm back!
Well, it's been a while again since I wrote something.  It wasn't very exciting the past few weeks.  Still, I would like to keep this blog going, as some of you (my friends and others) are reading my blogs.  :) We had a lovely Easter.  On Easter Sunday we went to Jo's aunt...

Posted by yy0ta @ 12/02/2003 09:33 PM GMT1
You never know what you had until you lost it...
Some laws of life everyone keeps forgetting: You'll never be satisfied with what you have, you'll always feel the need to improve your situation no matter what. Even if you do nothing for it, you'll still long for more deep inside. The day you'll stop wishing for more... is like being...

Posted by juris et de jure @ 12/01/2003 03:23 PM GMT-8
testing if this works testing testing

Posted by erika006 @ 10/29/2003 04:08 PM GMT-8
OMG! this is soo much fun! Halloween is soon!! YAAA go us!~ lol FARIE* you need a costume girl!! PRONTO decorating da house.... scaring little children.... good times!!~ Iam way way to hyper rite now! lol Bean dance! Greatest man alive!! need to get a life and away from science! down with bio chem...


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